How to Create a Pop-up Form (Email Marketing Series 3 of 7)

How to Create a Pop-up Form (Email Marketing Series 3 of 7)

Video Transcript:

Alright in this video I’m going to show you how to create a pop-up form using Optin Skin. Let’s check it out. Okay so in order to create a pop-up form using opt-in skin we want to click ‘ADD NEW’. Okay just as before we could select our skin design and I want to make sure this is a big wide banner and maybe something with a dark background so it really stands out. Alright, so here’s a good one. I’m gonna go ahead and change the background color because like I said I want it to be kind of dark. Make it blue to keep with our theme. Okay so I changed my button color to orange, I’m going to go ahead and change my texts on the button color to white.

Okay so I just adjusted the button text and color. So we have the basic layout right here, I want to add some kind of an image of an e-book right here. So in order to do that we’re going to basically save this. ‘SAVE AS A DRAFT’. Okay, next we’re going to ‘MEDIA’ and we’re going to click ‘ADD NEW’ to download our 3D e-book cover. So we’re going to click ‘SELECT FILES’. Okay great, so now we’ve downloaded our e-book, make sure it’s in a PNG format. So now we’re going to click the ‘EDIT’ button and you’ll want to copy this file url on the right hand side.

So you’ll want to copy this address because we’re going to paste it into our opt-in skin form. So now we go back into our Optin Skin form. And we’re going to go to our ‘DRAFT’ then we’re going to click ‘EDIT’ and let’s go ahead and give this skin a name here, so we’re going to call it ‘Popup Skin’ great and now we’re going to go down to product e-book image so we’re going to go ahead and paste this here. Alright perfect, so now we have our image we can change the dimensions right here if you wanted to, you could also change this arrow right here.

Let’s say you don’t like this style arrow, you could always change that. Alright cool, so once you’re done modifying you’re going to go ahead and click AWeber add your AWeber form here or if you have another auto-responder and then lastly you’ll want to go to this it says ‘POPUP AFTER USER HAS SCROLLED’ and we want to click on this button and we can basically change how far people are starting to read down the text before your popup form shows. So I’m going to go ahead and just leave this the same and now we’re going to click ‘PUBLISH THIS SKIN’. Okay so we’re going back to our site to test it out, we’re going to click on a blog post and we’re basically going to scroll down and there you go, it pops right up. So as you can see it has my wording, I have my little e-book right here, click your email address, click to get instant access and you’re all set. Thank you for watching my video on how to create a pop-up form.

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