21 Best Handyman Website Designs

There’s no denying that a well-designed website can make a big impression. And when it comes to handyman businesses, a good design can mean the difference between attracting new clients and being ignored.

With that in mind, we have put together a list of what we think are the best-designed handyman websites out there. Take a look and see if you agree!

1. Mr. Handyman – Designed With the Customer in Mind

The website of Mr. Handyman is designed with the customer in mind. Everything is designed to make your life easier, from the easy-to-use online booking system to the clear and concise FAQs section.

Not only is it easy to find and book services, but any questions you may have about your project can be answered quickly.

The site layout makes it simple and straightforward for anyone, even those not so tech-savvy, to find all the information they need.

Mr. Handyman’s website aims to take the hassle out of planning a home improvement project and make it as painless as possible for their clients.

2. Handyman Connection – User-Friendly Services Page

Handyman Connection’s website is also user-friendly, and the services page makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. You don’t have to worry about hunting around for the right service. 

Navigation on the site is intuitive and stress-free, as users can quickly pinpoint the exact service they require.

On top of that, their services page details every type of job with helpful descriptions.

This allows prospective customers to make an informed decision when choosing the best possible service for their requirements.

3. My Las Vegas Handyman – Videos and Helpful Resources

My Las Vegas Handyman’s site is a bit more cluttered, but they have a lot of helpful resources like how-to videos and an extensive list of services offered. While more complex, visitors can easily find solutions to various problems.

Additionally, they also possess an incredibly wide range of experience in fixing minor malfunctions and even more significant repairs.

This allows customers to feel more confident about making a selection and entrusting the team with their home improvement needs.

Load time is also quick in spite of all of the moving parts on their homepage and website.

4. R&R Handyman Services – Sleek and Modern

R&R Handyman Services has a sleek and modern design that makes finding information quick and easy. They recently overhauled their website to provide customers with an easier, more modern experience.

Their interactive and intuitive design is easy to navigate, enabling users to quickly and clearly find what they need.

Plus, their web redesign incorporated sleek design elements that create a visually pleasing online presence. 

5. House Doctors- Professional and Streamlined

House Doctors have a professional, stylish, and streamlined website. It’s perfect for anyone looking for an experienced handyman with a long list of services offered.

The site is easy to navigate and provides helpful information about the services they offer.

Plus, their long list of customer reviews gives potential customers the chance to read up on the work of House Doctors before making a decision.

6. Fixer – Simple Design

When it comes to a simple design, Fixer takes the cake. Their website is incredibly straightforward and easy to use, with minimal clutter.

Their “Book My Fixer” button leads users directly to their booking form and a comprehensive list of services.

This makes it easier for customers to make an informed decision about which service they need without any hassle.

7. ACE Handyman Services – Bold Color Scheme

ACE Handyman Services stands out from the competition with its bold color scheme and modern design. It’s easy to use and provides a wealth of information about the services offered by the company.

The site also features a regularly updated blog, allowing customers to stay up to date with all things related to home improvement.

8. Urban Handyman – Lots of Visuals

Urban Handyman has a ton of visuals on their website, making it easier for customers to understand the services provided. The site also contains detailed descriptions and allows customers to get an idea of what they can expect from Urban Handyman’s services.

You’ll also see helpful customer reviews, so prospective customers can get an idea of their level of quality and satisfaction.

Plus, the site contains a “Request a Quote” button that can be used to quickly get a free quote for the service you need.

9. Pro Handyman – Availability Is Everything

Pro Handyman makes sure that customers know their availability is everything — they’re open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Their website offers an easy way to book the service you need at a time that works for you.

Plus, they have their emergency services highlighted because they know that you always need help when everything is closed.

Their online service request system is also incredibly simple, with just a few steps to complete. And the website has a comprehensive list of services and helpful FAQs to answer any questions you may have.

10. TaskRabbit – Budget-Friendly

TaskRabbit is an online service that connects people with local handyman professionals for help around the house.

Customers can easily search for services on their website and see ratings and reviews from previous clients to ensure they get quality service.

Visitors can also see exactly what they’re paying for, allowing customers to choose services within their budget. Plus, it makes it easy to book a Tasker online in just a few clicks.

11. The Family Handyman – Easy Navigation

The Family Handyman is a fantastic website for anyone looking for tips and tricks to make home improvement projects easier.

The site provides detailed tutorials, DIY project ideas, and helpful advice from experts in the field. Overall, the site is easy to navigate, which can keep visitors on the site for significant amounts of time.

The Family Handyman also offers online classes led by professionals. The interactive component is sure to keep people coming back for more.

12. Best Handyman Boston – Elegant Color Choice

Best Handyman Boston is a great option for anyone in the Boston area looking for quality services. Their website features a comprehensive list of services offered, including plumbing, carpentry, painting, and more.

Plus, their site also contains helpful reviews from previous customers so you can get an idea of what to expect from their services.

The site also contains an FAQ section so customers can better understand what Best Handyman Boston offers.

Additionally, their “Request Estimate” CTA at the top of the page leads to a form that makes it easy for customers to get pricing information quickly.

The design is well thought out, and the color contrast is striking and attention-grabbing.

13. Handy Tec – Badges Displayed

Handy Tec is an online service that helps customers connect with local, experienced professionals for any home repair needs.

Their website features a comprehensive list of services offered and helpful customer reviews to help you choose the right professional for your project.

On their website, you’ll see two badges that are prominently displayed. These badges are more than just proud accomplishments.

They add credibility to the business, so good placement is a must.

14. Zach of All Trades – Attention-Grabbing Homepage

Zach of All Trades is a handyman service located in Niwot, Colorado. When you arrive on their site, you’ll notice scrolling images.

These photos are pictures of their work and are clearly professionally done. The only suggestion here is to slow the images down a bit, as they are quick and difficult to examine.

The site is also easy to navigate. When you click on “Projects,” you see their work in great detail. Their “Contact Us” option is also easy to identify.

The only other thing lacking on their site is a CTA to call or request an estimate.

15. Make Ready Repairs LLC – CTA Placement

Make Ready Repairs LLC, also known as DFW Home Maintenance, is a handyman service located in the Dallas, Texas, area. Their website showcases their services and offers helpful reviews from previous customers to ensure you get the quality service you need.

Plus, they have a comprehensive list of services offered on their site and provide helpful tips and advice for customers through their easy-to-find blog.

Their CTA is clearly noticeable and invites visitors to either “Request Services,” call them for questions or book a service.

The color contrast makes for good visuals as well. We would only suggest removing some of the white space on the homepage, as it takes up significant real estate.

16. Handyman Services by Larry – Excellent Visuals

Handyman Services by Larry is a handyman service located in the greater Austin area. Their website includes a comprehensive list of services offered and a simple-to-complete contact form at the bottom of the page. What really sets them apart are the visuals on this page.

The images are crisp and clear. They showcase Larry working with his tools and are designed to inspire confidence in his capabilities. The list of various handyman services available are also clearly defined, making it easy to see what you can expect if you were to contact Larry for an estimate.

17. The Handley Man – A Touch of Whimsy

The Handley Man is an online service that connects customers with experienced handymen in the San Antonio, Texas, area.

Their website contains a list of services available and helpful customer reviews to ensure you get the quality service you need. 

At the same time, when you look at their site, you can tell that this company has a sense of humor.

Their logo is well done with its whimsical mustache, and the fun fonts they use to break up an otherwise familiar feeling website. The CTA is also well-placed.

18. Odd Job Professional Handyman Services – Intuitive Design

Odd Job Professional Handyman Services is a handyman service located in Toronto, Canada. Their website showcases their services for both residential and business options. and offers helpful reviews from previous customers further down their homepage.

Plus, they offer a convenient way to check your service area so you’re not wasting time.

We like the pictures, the CTAs, and the color choice. The flow of the homepage and the rest of the site is intuitive and easy to follow.

The only thing we would suggest would be to pick a CTA to focus on, as there are several which can make it complicated for visitors.

19. Trailside Handyman – Good Layout

While amateur in appearance, there is a great layout on this website. Contact information is easy to see, and it’s easy to request a quote.

The handyman, Michael Rodriguez, also has clear links to his portfolio, making it simple to see previous work. Trailside Handyman provides a wide range of services to fit your needs.

The website contains ratings from previous customers that make it easy to understand the quality of service you can expect.

Plus, the site offers online quotes so you can book the service you need when it’s convenient for you.

20. The Home Team – Excellent Organization

The Home Team offers a wide range of services, from basic home repairs to more complex projects. Every service has its own homepage, making it excellent for navigational purposes.

You know exactly where you’re going and what to expect when you select a service. Contact information is easy to see, and there is also a section for testimonials and a portfolio of previously completed work.

It’s a quick process to get an estimate for what you need. Simply click on the “Get a Free Estimate” button, fill out a short form, and someone from the Home Team will get back to you quickly.

The only thing we would change would be to make the image at the top of the page just a bit smaller because everything is well below the fold.

21. MRP Services – Familiar Design

MRP Services has a familiar feel to it. Visitors will appreciate the site because they’ll automatically know where to go for what they need.

It’s also easy to book an appointment online or research more about the services they offer.

If you need to contact them, the navigation bar at the top is clearly labeled with pertinent menu options.

A Few Final Thoughts

All 21 of these companies have websites that are designed with the customer in mind. Each one has its stand-out features, but they all work hard to make it easy to find information on their sites. Some appear more modern than others, but each one fits their targeted demographic. 

As you design your handyman website, consider these options as a source of inspiration to help you in creating the best design for your own site. If you feel overwhelmed or think you might need help, reach out to us here at Beaver Builder. We’re always ready to lend a helping hand.

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