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Small Business Ideas for Women

20 Best Small Business Ideas for Women

Looking for the best small business ideas for women? Look no further as we share some of the top businesses you can start this year. There are plenty of small business ideas for women. Most of these ideas are consistent with their exceptional skills and abilities. For men, they are always driven by their need for…

Niche Site 3

Niche Site Lesson 3: How to Set Pricing for Your Services

In Lesson 2 of this series, I share how I was able to fulfill the orders of our “Unlimited WordPress Support” service. We talked about how to source a team, but also how to test and make sure they can do the job while maintaining the quality standards of your business. So let’s do a…


Niche Site Lesson 2: How to Validate Your Business Idea

On my previous post I shared some lessons I learned from launching a new niche website offering “Unlimited WordPress Support” called Access WP. We talked about how I took an idea and validated it before even creating a website and formal business offering. When creating a new business so many entrepreneurs make the mistake of building…


Niche Site Lesson 1: Start a Business by Solving a Problem

After every Christmas holiday, I spend about a week to plan my goals for the New Year.  This time it was no different.  I was sitting in front of my computer writing down my goals in Trello and brainstorming where I wanted to take my business. Last year, we focused on scaling the web design…

Digital Marketing Blogs

25 Best Digital Marketing Blogs to Follow

Looking for the best digital marketing blogs to follow? Well stick around because you’re in the right place. We will share some of the best Digital Marketing Blogs to read in 2021. Let’s face it digital marketing is complex. New technologies and trends are even making it inaccessible for many. However, it is imperative for…


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