EASY WP SEO Plugin for Your On-Page SEO

EASY WP SEO Plugin for Your On-Page SEO Video Transcript:

Alright is this on-page SEO stuff overwhelm you or confusing? Well guess what? I got this really cool plugin that I’m going to show you that really makes all of this on-page SEO stuff super easy. Let’s check it out. Okay so in this past couple of videos I’ve been showing you how to do on-page SEO. Now I’m going to show you a really cool plugin that really does all of this stuff for you or at least remind you of what to do in a simple checklist and it’s called this EASY WP SEO and this is what the plugin looks like on the top right. As you can see it tells you what your SEO score is, your on-page SEO score. So in this case I have an SEO score of 82.61% and it also tells me how much my keyword density is. If you remember I told you that my goal was to have about 1% for keyword density but if you don’t get there you still can rank on Google as you can tell my keywords still ranked #4 for Google and I was only at 0.61% for keyword density.

So how they calculate that you just basically type in here, it says ‘PRIMARY KEYWORD’, you type it in. So I said my primary keyword is Podcasting A to Z so it calculates it. It reads my entire blog post and it says okay out of the ratio of word count how many times is this keyword mentioned? So it’s 0.61%. So remember you don’t have to spam your content in order to get ranked on Google. It just has to be very good quality content and structured strategically. The other thing is, it tells you right here, it says okay did you set up your title correctly? If it does, it will give you a green check mark and if it doesn’t it gives you an ‘X’ right here. So it shows you hey you know what, your title contains up to 66 characters and it puts a big fat ‘X’ right here because it says you know what you need to fix this. So it’s telling me title is a little bit too long. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Your on-page SEO score have to be 100% as I’m living proof mine got ranked even at 82%. So I usually try to shoot for 75 to the 80 percent range and that’s pretty much good enough.

It also if you click on ‘URL’ it will show you, hey it’s verified that your address is right here. Also your metatags and your keywords, they’re basically saying that All in One SEO pack is set up correctly. It also tells you your heading. So it says oh you know what your H2 tag is there, your H3 tag. Right now it doesn’t see my H1 tag but I know that this is in fact a H1 so I’m not worried about it. And it also tells me what some other things that I should be looking for within my content. So this is a really cool tool that you can use and it’s an ongoing checklist just in case you forget like oh what did Anthony say? What did I have to do again? You could just download this EASY WP SEO plugin. So you’re probably wondering well where do I get this?

Okay so let’s go to Google and we’re going to type in “easy wp seo plugin” and I’m not an affiliate for this I just wanted to help you out so in order to find it you’re going to go to easywpseoplugin.com and you’re going to come to this website and it’s going to give you some more information about this plugin, which is really really cool and I love it and I purchased it once and I’ve always used it ever since. Let’s go ahead and click on it so we can buy. Okay so here it is. It’s sold on Warrior Forum. As you can see over 6,000 have been sold and they’re constantly updating it. It’s really cool. And the cool thing is look at the price. It’s only $37.00, it’s a one time fee. Like I said, I’ve downloaded it on multiple websites, you can use on multiple websites and it’s just a great plugin. So I highly recommend it for your on-page SEO and it’ll just really help you set things up without having to try to remember everything. Alright, I hope that helps. I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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