What Colors Make Bronze? What Two Colors Make Bronze

Are you trying to mix colors for your art project? If you are wondering “what colors make bronze,” this article will help you get answers.

When you think about bronze, what comes to your mind? Probably nickel, furniture, vases, or cosmetics.

Colors are fun and vibrant, adding life to anything. But how do you get a bronze color? What two colors can you mix to get bronze?

Today, we are experimenting on color mixing to find out which colors combine to make bronze. This way, you can create your own bronze paint!

Let’s get started with the experiment…

Primary Color Model (Red, Yellow, Blue)

Here is an image that shows the three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. It is also known as the RYB Model.

Primary Colors Red Yellow Blue

In elementary school, your teacher may have told you that you cannot mix any other colors to make primary colors, but they were technically wrong.

You can mix colors to create red, yellow, and blue but this only applies if you’re talking about the CYMK and RGB color models. These models are used in digital art and printing.

For example, if you want to make red, you can mix magenta and yellow, then mix red and green to come up with yellow and combine cyan and magenta to make blue.

Additive and Subtractive Color Chart

Here is a visual chart to help understand the idea of mixing colors to make primary colors.

The great thing about these colors is, when mixed with one another, a new color will come out.

Mixing Colors

Let’s talk about mixing primary colors some more. When you mix Red, Yellow, and Blue you get Secondary Colors. When you mix yellow and blue, you will get green. Violet can be created by mixing red and blue. Finally, you can make orange by combining red and yellow.

Color Wheel Mix Colors

What happens if you combine primary and secondary colors? You get tertiary colors. These colors include yellow-orange, red-orange, red-violet, blue-violet, blue-green, and yellow-green.

Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, and Tertiary Colors Wheel Chart

In theory, you can always mix different colors to make new ones and change the amount of hue to make different shades.

This is where metallic and pastel colors come in. Mixing colors is fun!

But what colors make bronze?

What Colors Make Bronze

“So, how do you make bronze?” You’ve waited long enough. Here’s your answer:

If you have the colors red, white, and brown, you can make bronze by mixing them together.

But, what if you only want to mix two colors to make Bronze?

What colors make bronze

Let’s find out…

Another way to create bronze is by combining the two colors brown with gold.

You can also create bronze by mixing yellow and brown together.

When you’ve mixed it correctly, you will get a color that looks like gold, but a bit deeper in brown shade. Try out this color theory on your own paint tray, canvass, makeup, or clay. Or for an extra-fun experiment, try it out on cake frosting!

Metallic Colors

Bronze is considered a metallic color. Metallic colors make bold statements, transforming the look of everyday items. Cars painted metallic gold look luxurious and interesting, even from afar.

Silver and bronze are also fancy colors that add sophistication.

Bronze, as we’ve said, is a metallic color that resembles the color of bronze metal. Other metallic colors include gold and silver.

For gold, you can mix black with white to make gray, then mix this with yellow. To make silver, you can mix black with white; but make sure to add larger quantities of white.

Although metallic colors are not as frequently used, they are still common in interior design. Doorknobs, cabinet hardware, and even visual accents can be in metallic colors for added personality.

Bronze in Design

Bronze can be seen in different furniture at home. Because of its metallic quality, designers use bronze to make furniture look expensive and glittery. As it is darker than gold and silver, it looks simple yet elegant.

Bronze also emphasizes the metallic quality of some décor, for instance, vases and frames. You can paint an object with bronze color to make it stand out without too much effort.

Bottom Line

When looking at the color bronze, it shows how endless color options can be. It also shows how fun and exciting color mixing is, to get new pigments!

And now you know how to create bronze from scratch by mixing the colors brown and gold, or red, white and brown. It is a sophisticated, shiny color sure to jazz up your next art project.

Thanks for joining us and we hope you can use this new knowledge in your future works.


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