How to Use Orange Watercolor in Art History and Design

Orange Watercolor

Orange is an easy color to play with, especially using watercolor. The pigment is light and complements other colors like green, brown, and red. When it comes to making art, using orange watercolor is common. It is also important to know that orange is a secondary color, which means you can create this color by mixing…

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How to Use Brown Watercolor in Art History and Design

Brown Watercolor

In love with the color brown? Although often ignored, there’s something about this earthy color that makes it fascinating. From its dependable vibe, distinct elegance, and humble charm, it’s no surprise that the color is back in the mainstream. If you’re one among the many who find themselves magnetized by this color, knowing how to…

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What is the Meaning of Brown Roses?

Brown Roses Meaning

In this article, we will talk about the meaning of brown roses. Alright, let’s begin… Looking for the perfect rose to buy for your loved one? Going for a red rose is too common and opting for a white one is way too plain. On the other hand, turning to the yellow rose isn’t a…

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How to Use Yellow Watercolor in Art History and Design

Yellow Watercolor

Crayons may be one of the first mediums we used as kids. However, when it comes to painting with a brush, watercolor is a great start for children. Many of us are familiar with how it works. After all, you simply need to dab some water on your caked or tubed paint, and you are…

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How to Make Pink Watercolor for Art Paintings

Pink Watercolor

Want to learn how to mix colors to make a pink watercolor? Stick around as will share the answer along with other interesting facts about the color pink. Pink is undoubtedly a favorite color for many people, especially those of younger generations. As a matter of fact, it can be seen in most trends today.…

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Green Watercolor: How to Mix and Use it in Your Painting

Green Watercolor

When you were younger, you might have loved reveling in the freshness of nature. Its lush green trees, the spindly texture of grass beneath your feet, the blooming bushes, and even the rolling hills and mountains might have inspired you to paint with green watercolor. Those who are familiar with the art scene know that…

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