How to Use Blue Watercolor in Art and Paintings

Blue Watercolor, Arts and Design

As a child, you probably played with watercolors while discovering the beauty of art and colors. You may have done color mixing and learned that new colors were formed during the process. Blue is one of the best base colors to use to create new shades. If you are making artwork, blue can be combined…

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The History of Red Watercolor in Art

Red Watercolor

Red is one of the most basic colors in the world. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the primary colors, the very foundation from which all other hues are made. And yet, achieving the perfect red watercolor is still tricky. Those who have worked with watercolors know how difficult it is to get…

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The History of Purple Watercolor in Art

Purple Watercolor

Artwork is created not only through the creativity and skills of the artist but also through the expert use of the medium. For watercolor, the imaginative use of its transparency and opaqueness can definitely create a one-of-a-kind piece. Just look at the various masterpieces made by watercolor painters throughout the years. With their technique and…

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What Is Opaque Color? Opaque Color Defined

What is Opaque Colors

Curious about what “opaque color” means? Whether crafting with paper, paints, or even images, you will surely encounter the word “opaque.” In science, the term has been identified as the opposite of the word “transparent.” However, does the same meaning apply in the field of art and design? Here, we have prepared a comprehensive guide…

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How to Use Atmospheric Perspective in Art?

Atmospheric Perspective in Art

Do you want to learn how to use an Atmospheric Perspective in art? Stick around as we share the answer.. The beauty of art is that it’s limitless and free. Artwork from the early centuries may have a distinct characteristic, however, modern artists can try to replicate the styles used. In art, there’s freedom for…

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How to Use the Munsell Color Wheel?

Munsell Color Wheel

Are you curious about how to use the Munsell color wheel? Stick around as we will share the answer in this article… As children, we learned about the color wheel from our very first exposure to formal art education during primary school. During your lessons, your teacher probably showed you a color wheel to illustrate…

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