What Colors Make Aqua? What Two Colors Make Aqua

Want to learn what colors make aqua? In this article, we’re going to discuss what you can mix together to make this beautiful color.

Aqua feels vibrant and playful and oftentimes represents the color of the sky and the sea. For this reason, many people like to use it in art and design.

But before we share how you can make the color aqua, we are going to dig deeper into the color aqua and the concept of color mixing.

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About the Color Aqua

Colors possess the power to make things more visually appealing. Colors can also influence your emotions and feelings. This is why companies spend millions of dollars on branding and visual design.

You’ll notice that when you enter a place that is dim it can evoke a feeling of calmness, whereas when you enter a building that has bright colors it can make you feel happy and energetic.

Aqua Color Palette

Some colors like aqua make you feel rejuvenated and promote healing. This is why you often see spas and wellness centers decorated with the color aqua.

The color aqua in Latin means “water” and is a greenish-blue color that is related to cyan. It is also known as an electric cyan because of its resemblance to the color.

When painting, aqua color is soothing because it is easy on the eyes like the color of the sky on a sunny day.

Now that you have a background about the color aqua, let’s talk about the foundation of color theory.

Color Theory Basics

In elementary school, you probably remember your teacher explaining to you the color wheel and the concept of primary colors: red, blue, and yellow.

In this concept, she shared that if you mix two primary colors together you can create secondary colors (Orange, Green, Purple).

In the diagram below you can see that if you mix the following:

  • Red and Yellow = Orange
  • Blue and Yellow = Green
  • Blue and Red = Purple

Mixing Primary Colors

You can also mix primary colors with secondary colors and create tertiary colors.

Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, and Tertiary Colors Wheel Chart

This concept of mixing colors provides the foundation of the entire spectrum of the color wheel. You can continue to mix colors together to get various hues and tints. As you can see below the color spectrum can continue to multiply to almost endless possibilities.

Color wheel

Mixing colors is a lot of fun, and understanding color theory really puts things into perspective on the origin of each color. Next, let’s talk about what you need to mix together to make the color aqua.

What Colors Make Aqua

Now let’s explain what colors you can use to create the color aqua. If you’re trying to figure out what two colors make aqua, then you simply need to mix green with blue together.

What colors make aqua

If you want a lighter shade of aqua you can mix in the color white to your palette.

Remember that aqua is very similar to turquoise, so you need to blend the three colors together to get the desired tone.

Aqua’s color code is #00FFFF and often gets mistaken as turquoise and fluorescent blue.

Check out this video that shares the different color shades of aqua.

What Aqua Color Stands For

As mentioned before, Aqua provides a sense of ease that represents calmness, cleanliness, clarity, and balance. This color can be associated with the ocean, gems, the sky, and water.

In design, color can be seen in artworks and décor pieces. Aqua blends easily with other hues, especially neutral colors like white and gray.

The only difference between aqua and turquoise is aqua tends to be brighter than turquoise. Aqua has an equal volume of green and blue, which creates balance. Meanwhile, turquoise consists of more green than blue.

Aqua Blue Ocean

Another close color to aqua is aquamarine. It is easy to get confused with the two because they look very similar. However, you can determine the difference between the two, as aquamarine has a bluer tone than aqua.


Now that you have a deep understanding of the color aqua, you can appreciate how vast the color wheel is. You now understand that you can mix an infinite combination of colors together. If you add more blue than green, you can get a completely different color. Or if you add white you can get a different shade of aqua altogether.

You can experiment with color mixing to get your desired look of aqua for your painting and design project. If you’re running out of aqua paint you now know that you can recreate it if you have blue and green.

With the color mixing concept, we hope that you can use your knowledge in your next art project.

Thanks for joining us and we hope that when someone asks, “what colors make aqua?” you can easily answer.


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