What Color is Beige? About Beige Color

Are you curious about what color is beige? Stick around as we will share the answer in this article.

Anyone who has worked with hues knows there is a whole lot of them. In fact, if you point out a hue to an expert, they will be able to tell you not just the color family, but the exact shade.

However, not everyone has this same gift. This is pretty understandable as hues in the same family can vary extremely. This is especially true with beige. We all know that it is a fleshy color but not everyone can pinpoint beige when presented with a series of similar hues.

If you are interested in knowing what exactly beige is, just keep on reading…

The Origin of Beige

Most of the time, color names are derived from names of things that bear such hues, just as amber and ochre. Because of this, you might think that beige is named after something closely associated with this color, and you would be right.

Beige is actually from the old French word bege, which refers to the natural color of cotton and wool before getting any treatment such as bleaching and dyeing. The word beige as a color name came about in 1891.

As a color name, this term is used as an adjective to describe something or someone as having the color of natural cotton or wool.

Wondering how to properly describe and classify beige? Read on!

What Color Is Beige?

You’ve probably heard that beige is a fleshy color and that would be correct to some extent. However, to clearly distinguish this hue from others that look similar, you need to know that it is an extremely light and slightly grayish version of fawn.

what color is beige

If you are not sure what fawn is, it is often described as a yellowish tan, with tan being a pale brown hue. So, think of light and ashen brown with a tinge of yellow, but with more grayish and light characteristics.

Because beige is closely associated with colors such as fawn and tan, it is easy to see that it belongs in the brown family but on the lighter spectrum.

Now, knowing what the color beige is, you might be curious as to what this hue represents. Continue reading to find out…

The Meaning of Beige

Beige in color psychology is seen as a semi-neutral color. Because of this, it is closely associated with conservativeness and dependability.

It is also known to exude versatility and flexibility, perhaps because of its almost neutral nature. You can mix and match it with other hues, allowing you to use it over and over with a new twist every time.

For many, seeing this color creates a feeling of relaxation and calmness. However, its semi-neutral appearance can make it seem boring and conventional to some.

But when used correctly, this color can bring out the best in other brighter options.

What Colors Go With Beige

Because this hue is best used in combination with other colors, you might be wondering what colors go perfectly with beige.

It is a semi-neutral hue, which means that it would look good with a wide range of options. For best results use blues, browns, greens, and reds. This lets you highlight the other colors as they will definitely stand out against the almost neutral nature of beige.

Green, Beige

You can also pair it with neutrals such as black, gray, and white. This is a great way to emphasize the fleshy shade while creating a more dynamic look. Moreover, this lets you create a more elegant and sophisticated design.

Using Beige in Fashion and Design

Now that you know what colors go well with beige, you might be wondering how to effectively use such combinations in fashion and design. When it comes to fashion, the first thing you need to know is that you should limit your colors to three.

Any more than that can make your outfit look overwhelming and cluttered. After this, you just need to mix and match and see how every piece works with each other.

Almost the same principle applies to design. However, remember that you can experiment more with your interiors. You might want to use oranges and gold to create the right design for your home.

You can also check out how reds, blues, browns, and greens work with your beige pieces. Just make sure that the concept is organic and comfortable for your own tastes.


Beige may be dull and boring for some, but it can certainly spice up your outfit and interior design with the right use. Knowing the best colors to use with it, you can start planning your project to create a harmonious effect and even infuse some meaning into your design.

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