Pink and Yellow Mixed! What Color Does Pink and Yellow Make

Torn between pink and yellow? From fashion trends and design patterns to art pieces, it is no secret that these two loud colors top the desirables list for many.

However, if you’ve ever found yourself stumped while choosing between the two, you can simply ditch the question and opt to have both instead.

Pink and Yellow Mixed

Before you raise an eyebrow and question our recommendation, try seeing the result firsthand. Sure, while yellow and pink are beautiful and lively on their own, combining them can offer you a different hue that alluringly blends yellow’s enthusiasm with pink’s tenderness.

To learn what exactly you can expect from mixing these two popular colors together, here is a brief guide discussing the art of color mixing and how to effectively take advantage of yellow and pink in art and design.

Read on.

The Color Wheel: A Quick Review

“Color Wheel” – does that name ring a bell? In kindergarten, this visual representation of colors in a circle helped us understand colors and their relationships with each other.

Today, although years have passed since your humble art beginnings, it’s wise to review the Color Wheel every once in a while, especially if you’re a practicing artist.

The color wheel helps artists and designers identify which hues contrast each other, which complement each other, and which are analogous to each other.

To understand how the color wheel works and see its importance in color mixing, let’s review the three categories of colors it holds: the primary, the secondary, and the tertiary.

Primary Colors

Primary Colors - Blue, Red, Yellow

Composed of the colors red, yellow, and blue, the primary colors represent the basic form of all other colors. These three basic colors are the main ingredients from which all other hues are created.

Secondary Colors

As the word “secondary” indicates, this category refers to colors that are created by combining two primary colors together.

They include the color green, which can be formed by mixing blue with yellow; the color purple, which is the result of mixing blue with red; and the color orange, which is derived from blending yellow with red.

Color Wheel Mix Colors

Tertiary Colors

While the secondary colors are created by mixing two primary colors together, the tertiary colors are those that are derived from combining a primary color with a secondary color. These include the two-word colors yellow-orange, red-orange, red-purple, blue-purple, blue-green, and yellow-green.

Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, and Tertiary Colors Wheel Chart

What Color Does Pink and Yellow Make

What color does pink and yellow make

Now that you’ve had a brief review of the color wheel, you likely realized that yellow is a primary color.

This means you won’t have to mix any colors just to create this energetic hue.

However, this might not be the case when it comes to the color pink.

Pink, as a variant of red, can be made by lightening red.

The trick to achieving this? Simply mix red and white together.

Depending on your preferred shade, make the pink lighter by adding more white to the mixture or make it darker by adding more red.

Once you’ve arrived at your desired shade of pink, you can now proceed with your original plan, which is to see what color will pink and yellow make.

Now, if you were to review the color wheel again, you’ll remember that mixing yellow and red will lead to orange.

Since pink comes as a lighter variant of red, mixing it with yellow will lead to an orange tint that is quite close to peach.

Yellow + Pink in Design

As mentioned earlier, combining pink and yellow together will provide you with a spectacular hue that features a blend of yellow’s positivity and pink’s compassion.

To date, as the art scene becomes more welcoming to loud color combinations, blending pink and yellow to arrive at an orange tint is perfect for creating a space or an artwork that offers a relaxing and happy vibe.

Yellow Pink Designs

The Bottom Line

Sure, it’s no secret that yellow and pink are spectacular colors, but who says you have to choose only one when you can have both?

Don’t hesitate to experiment and see for yourself the wonders of mixing yellow and pink together using your paint or makeup set.

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