Burgundy Color Meaning: What is the Meaning of the Color Burgundy?

Are you curious about what is the meaning of the color burgundy? Stick around as we will share the answer in this article.

When we talk about burgundy, some think it is similar to maroon.

Looking closely at the color, you can distinguish its difference from maroon—its reddish-brown shade inspired by the Burgundy region of France.

Burgundy is a deep, dark red color with a hint of green and blue, resulting in brown with purple undertones. Compared to maroon, burgundy is lighter and contains more red.

Keep reading to learn more about the meaning of burgundy and what colors can be used to make it.

Burgundy Leather

Burgundy Color Quality and Origin

As mentioned, burgundy is a more red, purplish color, with a balance of red and blue which gives it its purplish tone. It looks more sophisticated and serious than true red, with the hex code of #800020.

Over time, the color has become more common in the art community because it represents power and confidence.

In making the color burgundy, five colors are needed: red, brown, green, blue, and purple. In some parts of the globe, the color is also referred to as Bordeaux, in reference to another wine region producing a deep red wine color.

It was only in the late 1800s when the English language picked up the word and used ‘burgundy’ as the standard name for the color of the wine coming from the region.

At present, there are two known variants of burgundy: vivid and old burgundy. The first was coined after a dye took the name and became popular.

This type of burgundy is brighter than traditional burgundy. The old version is the standard, much darker and more purple in hue, which came into use in the mid-1920s.

In the latter part of the 1990s, burgundy became a popular color for lipstick. It was especially used by people who associated themselves with the ‘goth’ subculture.

Back then, the color became so popular that pillow covers and bed sheets were made in the same color.

Burgundy Flowers

Psychology of Burgundy Color

In color psychology, sophistication is the number one word to describe burgundy. The color is mostly associated with higher-class society, signifying power, high ambition, and wealth.

It is a serious color that shows pride in one’s appearance.

For people who love burgundy, it shows they want to be seen as rich and unique. Their personality finds value being alone, hence, the color is associated with being an introvert.

At times, people who love this color can be materialistic and can be easily swayed by wealth and power.

There is also some degree of negativity associated with the color burgundy. Those who love this color may have negative traits like aggression, wrath, lust, and malice.

For positive traits, the color reflects burning passion, energy, strength, determination, and being grounded.

On the spiritual side, burgundy, or the color of wine, can mean various things in the bible including rejoicing, the Blood of Jesus, New Wine, and the Cup of the New Covenant.

Burgundy Color Meaning

burgundy color meaning

Since burgundy falls in the red family, amongst the warm colors, it shares the same meaning as red. This color shows signs of malice, lust, and pride.

While these are negative things, the color also has healing properties, which signify being strong.

If you dream of the color burgundy, there are several meanings that could help you in your daily life.

  • Believing in Things and Yourself

When the color burgundy appears into your dreams, it means you need to stand up for what you believe in and to have pride in yourself.

It indicates that you have a powerful and strong personality that could sometimes be intimidating, but you can overcome struggles in life as long as you believe in what you can do and have faith in yourself.

  • Time to Call Your Allies

While you are strong-willed, dreaming of burgundy means you need help from others, especially your allies. In making a stand, you need people behind you, those who believe in you and support you.

  • Emotional Turmoil

Encountering burgundy in your dreams can mean you are experiencing emotional turmoil. Take a break and give yourself peace, whether you’re dealing with a serious condition, sudden death of a loved one, or a layoff.

  • Create Your Plan

Burgundy in your dreams can also be a reminder to start planning for your future and to think about your ambitions in life. Take a stand for yourself and be sure to analyze your actions and the drawbacks.

Bottom Line

Just like any other color, burgundy has many meaning associated with it. From sophistication to power, malice, and strength, the color possesses a lot of symbolism.

If you love burgundy, its meaning may represent your personality and traits.

Learning the meaning of burgundy helps you to understand how it can influence your personality and to neutralize its negative connotations.


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