What Colors Make Royal Blue? What Two Colors Make Royal Blue

Want to learn how to make a royal blue color?

Are you trying to paint and want to know what two colors make royal blue?

In this article, you are going to learn about the concept of color mixing and how you can make the color royal blue.

What if you want to make variations of royal blue?

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As of now, you may be aware that blue has a lot of variations. Aside from finding out what colors can make royal blue, you can also mix this color with another and form a new shade.

Depending on the amount you use, the result will be different.

First, you need to understand color theory and color models.

Color Theory Basics

To better understand how to make a royal blue color, we need to study how colors operate. When looking at the entire spectrum of hues, we need a color wheel. This visual representation gives you an idea of how colors are related to one another.

For example, if you combine two different colors, you can make a new hue. When primary colors are mixed, you can come up with secondary and tertiary colors.

The color theory is simple, it is mixing colors and creating visually appealing combinations.

Color Wheel Chart

In the color wheel, you can see that colors alongside each other are somehow related. For example, red, yellow, and orange are considered warm colors. If you will look to the other side of the wheel there’s blue, violet, and green which represent cool colors.

Complementary Colors

At this point, you already get the idea that color mixing can create new colors. However, there is also another theory called Complementary Colors, which cancels out another color when two colors mixed.

Complementary Colors Color Wheel Chart

The new color formed will either be grayscale, white, or black. This set of new colors are called neutral colors.

Neutral colors are also needed in the color wheel. This helps creates new light or dark colors. For instance, if you add white to red, pink can be formed. On the other hand, if you add black to red, you can get a maroon color.

Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Colors

By now, you probably know that there are three major sets of colors in the color wheel. The first set, which is considered the base, is the primary colors. It consists of red, blue, and yellow. By combining these three to one another, you get secondary colors.

The secondary colors are formed by mixing red to yellow, blue to red, and yellow to blue. The new colors are green, orange, and violet. If you mix blue with yellow you get green. Moreover, if you add red and yellow, orange is formed. Finally, mixing red and blue together can create violet.

Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, and Tertiary Colors Wheel Chart

The tertiary colors are different because these are formed by mixing both primary and secondary colors. The newly formed hues are yellow-orange, blue-violet, red-violet, blue-green, red-orange, blue-violet, and yellow-green.

What Colors Make Royal Blue?

Now, you are probably wondering, “What colors make royal blue?”

The answer is simple…

What colors make royal blue

When you mix the two colors blue and purple, you can get royal blue.

The combination should be in equal amounts to get the right shade, otherwise, the result will be different.

Royal blue is a darkened variation of the primary color blue. You can use a little bit of black to get the color, but this combination needs a lot of work. Therefore, it’s safer to stick with blue and violet or purple to get royal blue.


Royal Blue in Design

Although blue and royal blue seem to be quite similar, the difference is significant. Blue comes out lighter compared to royal blue.

In design, royal blue indicates formality. You can see this color mostly on carpets, curtains, flooring, sofas, and other interior details. The color is easy on the eyes and blends well with any other color except green, pink, red, and orange.

In Combination with wood, royal blue screams manly yet elegant. To achieve balance, try adding white, black, and other shades of blue.

Royal Blue Color Code

All colors have a unique code to differentiate from other hues. Royal Blue has the unique code 002366. This code is based on the RGB color model. In reality, royal blue is the lighter variation of the shade cyan-blue.

Bottom Line

Royal Blue is an amazing shade that is not only common in home interiors but also in cosmetics and clothing. This color, by its name, indicate royalness and formality.

We hope that you’ve learned something from this lesson. The next time you create a new art project, enjoy applying this concept of color mixing.

Thanks for joining us. Cheers!

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