What Color is Xanadu? About Xanadu Color

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What Color is Xanadu

Green is the primary color in Xanadu. One of the secondary colors of the malachite green color family is drab and grayish-green.

Let’s find out more about this color!

Xanadu Color Code

The hexadecimal RGB value of the color xanadu (#738678) is shady sage green.

Red makes up 45.1% of the color, green makes up 52.55%, and blue makes up 47.06% in the RGB color model.

Xanadu Color #738678 has a hue of 136°, 8% saturation, and 49% lightness in the HSL color space.

The wavelength of this color is approximately 535.47 nm.

Xanadu Color Meaning

What color is xanadu

In general, the color green has a calming and energizing effect because of its soft undertones. Therefore, it is no surprise that Xanadu is a symbol of harmony, nature, rebirth, and spring.

As such, it is a representation of abundance as well as new beginnings. Our connection to Mother Nature is based solely on the hue we wear.

It’s also the color of family, nature, and the earth’s unconditional love, which is why green is so popular. It delights into making a positive impact on the well-being and progress of the world.

Xanadu brings tranquility and serenity to any space. The calming effect it has on anxiety and despair makes it a popular choice for color therapy.

However, green doesn’t only convey tranquility and nature. It can also imply inexperience, unduly judgmental attitudes, and envy.

Regardless, like the color blue, it has a relaxing effect on the mind and body. This balance between heart and head is achieved by using yellow and gray to bring out Xanadu’s vigor and rationality.

Xanadu green’s down-to-earth nature is due to this harmonic blend. It is the spectrum’s peacemaker, particularly adept at deliberate decision-making and endowed with a strong sense of right and wrong.

Using Xanadu Green in Design

Xanadu green is among the colors that most people are comfortable using when it comes to interior design. How you can use it? Let’s find out.

xanadu green color

Xanadu With Other Colors

The idea that “green is a bit of a stretch” if you have several neutrals in your home is completely mistaken. Tones of cream and neutrality, such as xanadu green, look stunning together. This is an added bonus because it eliminates the need to completely redecorate your home.

Pink and xanadu green, like yin and yang, complement each other well. Combining these two colors has become a trend in home design. Whether it’s wallpaper or pillows on your couch or bed, it’s worth trying.

For a big interior statement, wallpaper is a terrific option. There are various ways to apply it without covering all four walls in the room. Wallpaper one wall to add a sophisticated touch, or use huge framed pieces of wallpaper you adore for a more casual look.

In the slightest of details, xanadu green’s beauty and richness shine through. Bring it into your home with pillow covers for your bedroom and throws and cushion coverings for your living room.

Additionally, xanadu green and gold work well together. Consider using this combination in your bathroom for an extra dose of luxury if it doesn’t feel right in the rest of the house.

Adding a splash of color to a monochrome space is always a good idea, and dark green is one of our favorites. It softens the typically stark aspect of monochrome and gives it a sense of complete enjoyment.


Xanadu green might be among the rarest color that you’ve ever heard of, but this beautiful hue can actually enhance the atmosphere and energy in your home.

We hope that the information provided helps you decide if Xanadu green is the right color for your place.

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