What Color Is Sable? About Sable Color

What Color is Sable

Are you curious about what color is sable? Stick around as we share details about this unique color.

The word sable can conjure different images and meanings. Many associates this word with the carnivorous mammal typically found in Russia and some parts of Asia, a part of the weasel family.

Meanwhile, for other people, this can also mean the unique coat in dogs. However, sable is a color in itself. Keep reading to learn more about what color sable is.

You might just find inspiration from this shade as you learn what things fall under this color category.

What Color Is Sable?

Before we discuss the color sable, it is best that we get to know its etymology first. This way, you can have a deeper appreciation not only for the color’s origins but also for what it symbolizes.

As mentioned above, the sable is a carnivorous mammal that belongs to the weasel family. Many prize this particular animal for its fine fur, which is soft and silky.

While their coats are quite fine and silky, there are studies that show their fur is longer and more luxurious during the colder months compared to summer.

Sable Animal

These animals are quite slim, slinky, and silky, as well. Sables range from 14 to 22 inches depending on their sex. Moreover, depending on their place of origin, these mammals may bear unique markings distinguishing them from others.

They typically live in northern Mongolia, Russia, Siberia, and the Ural Mountains. Some sables are live in China, Hokkaido, Japan, Kazakhstan, and North Korea.

Learning More About the Color Sable

Now that we know a bit more about sables and where they come from, it’s time to delve deeper into the color sable. In fact, the sable color gets its name and design from the animal we just discussed.

Sables have fur colors that range from light to dark brown. However, they normally have darker brown coats, with some almost being black.

At times, however, the coats can have variations, with markings like throat patches that range from dusky to salmon in color. These throat patches can also be gray, white, or pale yellow.

Sable fur color

The Sable color, then, is a very dark shade of brown, bordering on black at times. Despite its darkness, sable is still a neutral color and has warm undertones to it. This is a rich and deep hue that is quite distinct on its own.

Color Psychology of the Color Sable

Since sable is a brown color, it has associations with strength and reliability. As an earth color, it is a solid and strong hue that imparts messages of resilience and security.

It can also relate to those who are hardworking, with a strong sense of responsibility and duty to others, especially to family and loved ones.

Sable Color Saddle

In addition to these, sable also evokes feelings of warmth and comfort. Because it errs on the deeper end of the spectrum, the depth it carries helps conjure images of stability and calmness, particularly providing structure to those in need.

Although links to brown and sable are mostly positive, there are also negative connotations to it. These include imparting images of darkness and emptiness, thus, promoting feelings of isolation and sadness in some.

How To Use the Color Sable

For those who want to incorporate the color sable in their lives, you’ll be glad to know that there are a plethora of ways to do so. Whether in fashion, interior design home décor, or even marketing, you can certainly have fun with this hue.

For those fond of dressing up and experimenting with different fabrics, the most basic way to go about this is to use a sable coat, especially during the winter. The lovely deep and lush color will add depth and texture to your outfits.

Sable color jacket

If sable is something you wish to wear year-round, you can definitely dress it up or down. You can even go with the monochromatic look that’s on-trend right now. Accessorize with gold hoops or even a necklace to elevate your look and take it from day to night.

For interior design and architecture, you cannot go wrong with sable. It is a classic color perfect for the trim of your house, especially as it pairs well with nearly any shade out there. Plus, it works great for anyone going for a rustic look since it is a warm and welcoming hue. It can add some earthiness and charm to your space without looking overdone.


Sable is definitely one of the more unique colors out there. Now that you have gotten to know more about this hue, you can start experimenting with this color in more ways than one.

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