What Color Is Olive? About Olive Color

Are you curious about what color is olive? Stick around as we share details of this popular color.

The olive color is dark yellow-green. Because of its green tint, it strongly resembles green olives, hence the name.

Let’s find out more about the color olive here.

What Color Is Olive?

What Color Is Olive

Olive is a hue that resembles both green and yellow. Mixing a darker hue with green can also produce deeper colors of olive.

From the name, you’d imagine this olive-green color would stand out from the other greens.

Its earthy hue has made it an excellent choice for battle. Military clothing and camouflage, as well as weaponry, still rely on it.

However, historically, this color has been associated with tranquility and serenity. Olive is a color that can go with anything.

As with any green color family, it creates professional and beautiful palettes that are easy to implement. Brighter colors like purple, blue, and orange work well with olive.

#BAB86C is the hex code for olive green.

It’s made up of 73.9% red, 72.2% green, and 42.4% blue, respectively.

Hex #BAB86C has a CMYK color model that is composed of 0% cyan, 1% magenta, 42% yellow, and 27% black.

Olive has a hue angle of 58.5 degrees, a saturation level of 36.1 percent, and a brightness level of 57.5 percent.

To get an olive green tint, begin by creating a blue-yellow paint mixture with one part blue to three parts yellow.

Adding a dash of crimson will further darken the color, making it olive green. But be careful—too much red paint can result in a brown color.

Olive is often mistaken for a mild brown because of its dark color. But due to the color wheel’s placement between green and yellow, most people consider olive green.

Let’s Take a Look at the Origin of Olive

Olive Color Military Gear

Armed forces all across the world have traditionally preferred olive because of its subdued, natural tone, which helps them blend in with their surroundings.

During World War II and the Vietnam War, the official uniform for US troops was olive drab, which was also used on weaponry and armor.

In 1981, it was substituted with “woodland,” a camouflage design with specks of sand, brown, green, and black.

Israel, Cuba, India, Venezuela, and Austria’s militaries still use olive drab uniforms.

What is the Meaning of Olive Color?

About Olive Color

Olive is thought to represent optimism. It also represents spaciousness and knowledge, as well as feminine leadership abilities and harmony through society’s compassion.

It is also thought to represent self-love and emotional dissociation.

Some individuals feel that before they can commit to olive green and the promise of knowledge, they must first combine the power of yellow and green rays.

When this is out of balance, it may lead to resentment, despair, and failure to be a capable person.

What Colors Go Well with Olive Color?

What Color Is Olive

Olive green is a flexible hue that looks best on those with a natural style. It’s great for casual clothing.

It appears elegant when paired with neutrals like beige, brown, and maroon, a color scheme popularized by Kanye West’s apparel and shoe collections.

Pair it with complementary reds and violets to bring out the color’s vibrancy.

Combine it with navy and light grays for a natural effect.

Beige, tan, burnt orange, maroon, navy blue, gray, white, black, pewter, purple, and red are some hues that go well with olive green.


Olive green is a fantastic color to use while designing a home or brainstorming ideas for a painting.

This adaptable tone may be used with various colors to create a dynamic effect.

Furthermore, the connotations linked with this color provide a wide range of possibilities for experimentation.

Hope you enjoyed learning about the color olive.

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