What Color is Cyan? About Cyan Color (Updated 2023)

Are you wondering what the color is cyan? In this article, we talk about the beautiful cyan color. We also discuss its history and meaning. Stick around for more information.

What Color is Cyan?

What color is cyan?

Cyan is a hue that falls between green and blue on the visible spectrum. As a general rule, its wavelength falls within the range of 490 and 520 nm. You may see this color when loading ink into your printer, as it is one of the four fundamental colors in inkjet printers.

What Colors Go Well With Cyan?

Cyan goes well with several colors. Red is a good complementary color for cyan. Yellow and magenta, two more hues in the subtractive color model, also pair well with it.

Both pairings are edgy and innovative. On the other hand, combine cyan with deeper blues or cool grays and whites for a more conservative look.

You can also use this vivid hue to create a monochromatic color palette, which is ideal for use as a backdrop.

Cyan Color Code

Cyan color meaning

Greenish blue in hue, cyan is an energetic color. #00FFFF is the hexadecimal code for cyan. Because of its importance in print, it is a cornerstone of the subtractive color paradigm.

Hex #00FFFF is 0% red, 100% green, and 100% blue in the RGB color space.

The hexadecimal color code #00FFFF is 100% cyan, 0% magenta, 0% yellow, and 0% black in a CMYK color space.

This is the color space used in color printing. Cyan’s 100% saturation and 50% lightness make it the perfect color.

A Brief History of Cyan Color

“Dark blue enamel, Lapis lazuli” is the origin of cyan’s name. The term “cyan blue” or “cyan-blue” first appeared as a color name in English in 1879. In addition, the name traces back to a dye made from cornflowers.

Because of its historical association with both the Catholic church and nobility in the 1800s, cyan became a socially acceptable hue. To this day, it appears frequently in a variety of mediums, including clothing, buildings, and art.

For most English speakers, the color “cyan” is a vivid greenish-blue because it is not a fundamental color descriptor in most languages. Blue-green, aqua, turquoise, and teal are other English words for hues in this color zone.

Cyan Color Meaning

Cyan color meaning

Since its discovery, the color blue has held associations with peace, happiness, and lightness. In addition to being connected with excellent and improved health, the color cyan can also provide comfort and safety.

Swimming is a great way to gain both of these benefits. This is because the blue sky reflects off of the plaster white bottom of a swimming pool, turning the water cyan. Cyan-colored tiles in swimming pools enhance the color of the water and make it more vibrant.

Brilliant turquoise is a shade of cyan found in the water of lagoons in tropical places where people go swimming on vacation. Cyan is a quiet, calming hue that represents relaxation.

A medium aquamarine, which is a shade of cyan, often appears in hospital rooms because it is a hue that helps patients relax and feel more at ease.


It’s fascinating to note that the color cyan holds associations with feelings of peace, well-being, and lightness. There is a great deal of respect for this color in society because of its calming effect on people and its resemblance to the color of water and the sea.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the color cyan. Cheers!

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