What Color Is Charcoal? About Charcoal Color

What Color Is Charcoal

Are you curious about what color is charcoal? Stick around as we will share everything about this unique color.

On the color wheel, charcoal is dark gray and close to black. It is a warm neutral.

The color charcoal is a fascinating one and is quite popular. It has a wide range of applications, from interior décor to clothing. Read on to find out the details about charcoal.

What Color Is Charcoal?

What color is charcoal

One of the most versatile colors is charcoal. Although it is relatively near to black, it is significantly lighter, and this is what distinguishes the color.

It is also frequently confused with gray, although it is a different shade. Gray is a combination of black and white, but charcoal has blue mixed in the color.

Charcoal’s hex code is #36454F. In an RGB color model, charcoal contains red = 21.2%, green = 27.1%, and blue = 31%.

In a CMYK color model, charcoal comprises cyan = 32%, magenta = 13%, yellow = 0% and black = 69%. Charcoal has a 204 degree hue angle, 18.8% saturation, and 26.1% lightness.

What Is the Meaning of Charcoal Color?

Charcoal colored furniture

Charcoal conveys some mystery and strength that the black color gives. It is a classy hue that doesn’t have the same negative connotations as black. Some characteristics of white may appear in light shades.

Similarly, gray is a color that is neutral, cool, and well-balanced. Gray is both practical and timeless. It conveys both moodiness and emotionlessness, as well as formality, conservatism, and sophistication.

The color also conjures images of dullness and dirt.

Charcoal Color Trends in Interior Decor

The color charcoal is commonly used in home and office interiors, where it may serve as a background for diverse designs or a powerful accent.

Besides, it is linked with a clean, minimalist style owing to its extensive application in modern interior decoration.

Different Ways To Decorate Your Home or Office With Charcoal

When pairing charcoal color with other elements of interior décor, it should be carried out with care. The color looks great on furniture, walls, decorations, and even floors.


Charcoal-colored paint can be used to make an accent wall for a stunning-looking room. It may be a bold move with nice results.

When the lighting in the space is managed well, dark hues like charcoal can be surprisingly effective. Take note to use charcoal paint in a large space with plenty of windows. If it is used fully in a tiny or dark room, it will only appear smaller and darker.


What Color Is Charcoal

Consider using charcoal-colored furniture since it can be an excellent interior accent. On bright, neutral backgrounds, charcoal furniture looks stunning. The vivid color, an already visual feature, is highlighted in this arrangement.

Because charcoal is such a powerful hue, you should go for basic, non-decorative furniture. For example, geometrical shapes are ideal.

Moreover, choose simplistic and smooth textures for the furniture, particularly if it has a charcoal color. Try contrasting color schemes, such as a charcoal sofa and a white sofa table.

The color charcoal is also ideal for modern-style kitchens. Cabinets in dark grey are usually a perfect pick when paired with light accessories. You may also go with dark tabletops to contrast with white cabinets.

How To Wear Charcoal Colors?

Charcoal-colored clothes may be effectively matched with a variety of other colors and patterns to achieve a classy look because it is a neutral hue. Use charcoal as the dominant wardrobe piece, such as a suit, dress, skirt, or pants, while wearing other colors.

Combine charcoal-colored clothes with other colors of gray and white for a sophisticated effect. Matching the textures of the varying colors can enhance the aesthetic value of the appearance when done this way. As primary wardrobe items and accessories, use silver and black components that complement charcoal clothes.

Look for strong hues that complement charcoal, especially those in the red spectrum, such as maroon, fuchsia, and cherry red. If you prefer blue, go for a royal blue tone. Yellow and orange clash with the intensity of charcoal basics, so stay away from them.

Choose pastel pieces in colors of green, rose pink, and lavender, to complement the charcoal’s deep tones. Blue and yellow pastels, for example, are often overpowered by charcoal. When combined with charcoal, confine pastels to secondary clothing pieces.

You can wear patterned apparel with charcoal-colored garments. Choose from subtle, modest patterns or dramatic stripes and patterns in complementing colors.

The Bottom Line

Because charcoal is such a versatile color, it can be widely used for a variety of purposes, including interior design and clothing.

When used properly, the color charcoal may be paired with other colors to produce a unique look that is stylish and modern.

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