What Color Is Bordeaux? About Bordeaux Color

What Color Is Bordeaux

Are you curious about what color is Bordeaux? Stick around as we share some information about this rich color.

Bordeaux color, a deep and somber shade of red also known as burgundy, maroon, or simply claret, is a hot trend this season. Let’s find out more about this color in this article.

What Color Is Bordeaux

What Color Is Bordeaux

History of Bordeaux Color

This hue is a deep and melancholy hue of red known as Bordeaux, or simply claret. In 1891, this color received its name in honor of Bordeaux’s dark red wine. Previously, the Russian word for this shade of red was “Chermny.”

You can make Bordeaux by combining around three parts brilliant red, one part dark blue, and a few drops of yellow. The end effect is a warm, unified, and intensely rich shade of Bordeaux.

The rulers of ancient times wore burgundy as their official hue. There is a combination of power and tranquility in the red, as well as a burst of enthusiasm in the dark blue and cheerful yellow.

Color Psychology and Use of Bordeaux

Bordeaux Color

This color, sometimes known as burgundy or maroon, is undeniably stunning. Those who adore the color burgundy may have had a life event that shaped their personality. Such individuals exude a sense of grandeur.

As a red sibling, this color indicates a person who has a strong work ethic. Life wasn’t easy, but the person didn’t give up and continued to grow and mature.

Bordeaux has a vivid character and symbolizes grandeur, force, and respectability, as well as moderation and piety.

At the same time, it adds a festive air to proceedings. So it’s no surprise that burgundy is frequently used in New Year’s decorations.

Bordeaux is also the hue of a confident lady. It pairs beautifully with hues of black, dark blue, green, olive, gray, tomato, and other reds.

In addition, Bordeaux is a great complement to berry tones, like blackberries, blueberries, and elderberries.

Remarkable confidence, stability, entrepreneurship, love of power, and superior organizational abilities are all associated with the color Bordeaux.

However, it can become heavy and gloomy in large doses if used in large doses.

How to Make Bordeaux Color With Paint

What Color Is Bordeaux

Mixing Bordeaux’s tone is a cinch. For starters, you’ll need blue and red, two of the most common hues. So that you can combine the colors, you’ll need a container to put them in. Mixing the blue and red will create purple. You need to make a strong violet before adding brown to deepen the intensity. Add a bit more red as needed to reach Bordeaux’s rich color. 

Small quantities of black and white will be necessary to get the desired burgundy hue. A few drops of each color create intensity and depth common in Bordeaux.

Using Bordeaux Color for Interior Design

Bordeaux Color Interior Design

To avoid creating a suffocating and depressing atmosphere, use Bordeaux sparingly and with caution.

The right amount, however, will create a welcoming and lively atmosphere.

As a result of its romantic connotations and popularity in one of the home’s most private spaces, the master bedroom, Bordeaux is a go-to choice for those seeking a stimulating, eye-catching, and comforting ambiance.

It is important to use neutral tones to keep the intensity and prominence of the color from overshadowing the space. It’s best used with white or light grayish tones, however, black can create a more dramatic effect.

The combination of these colors creates a contemporary and refined ambiance.


Bordeaux’s history is as rich as its hue. This bold color can create stunning effects in home decor and art. Mix it with gold and hunter green for a sophisticated look in any context.

Hope you enjoyed learning about the Bordeaux color. 

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