Green and Brown Mixed! What Color Does Brown and Green Make

Anyone who works with colors needs to know how to mix them. Whether you are a painter or a makeup artist, you want to make sure that you can get the colors you are going for.

This way, you can finish your creation exactly how you envision it, or even better.

Now, imagine what hue green and brown will make when mixed. Having trouble doing so?

You are in luck because today, we will be talking about what hue you can expect to get when you mix these two colors.

Interested? Read on…

Basic Color Theory and Its Relevance

Before we proceed with the answer, let’s go through a bit of a refresher on color theory. As kids, our earliest knowledge of color theory is the color wheel.

According to this theory, there are three primary colors, namely red, blue and yellow. So, your basic wheel will start with red, blue and yellow.

Red Yellow Blue Color Mixture

However, as you remember, the wheel has more colors than that. That is because you can mix primaries to create secondary hues.

For example, mixing yellow and red forms orange, red and blue makes violet, and yellow and blue create green.

Place them in a logical order in the wheel and you get closer to your grade school art lesson.

Now, when you mix one primary and one secondary, you will get a tertiary hue. Some examples of this are red-orange, yellow-orange, red-violet, blue-violet, yellow-green, and blue-green.

Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, and Tertiary Colors Wheel Chart

Keep in mind that you will almost always get a brownish hue when you mix two secondary colors. This will depend on the proportions you use.

If you think that you can only go up to tertiary, then you might want to reconsider. You can also create quaternary colors.

These are formed when you mix two tertiary colors. Some examples of this are plum, olive, and sage.

You might be wondering how this relates to the question of what green and brown will make.

Well first, take note of this: green is a secondary color, but brown can be both a secondary and tertiary color.

This is because you can create brown in many ways.

Did you know that the right amount of red and blue can create a version of the hue?

You can also create it by mixing red, blue, and yellow. Mixing blue with orange, yellow with violet, and red with green all result in a version of brown.

What Two Colors Make Brown

What Color Do Brown and Green Make?

So, what will you get when you mix the two? Most likely, you will get a version of forest green.

Given the different ways you can make brown, you will get slightly different results depending on which colors were used to create that brown.

For example, if you use red and blue to make your brown, adding this hue will enhance the blues, giving you a deep bluish-green.

Regardless, you will still end up with close to the same shade of green.

Green and Brown Mixed

Application of Green and Brown in Design

Now that you know what color you get when mixing brown and green, let’s look at brown and green for interior design and other art applications. Keep in mind that colors are associated with psychology. This dark green color has always been perceived as indicative of nature, youth, growth, and peace.

It is often used to create a feeling of calmness and renewal, which makes it a staple in fitness establishments like yoga centers. Because of this, try using the hue in a similar context; you could make your bedroom feel like a spa!

In painting, you might want to use this to paint forests, parks, and other nature scenes. This color can also be used in makeup as eyeshadow, or a very unique lipstick.

Green and Brown Interior Design

You might want to experiment with adding white or light gray to soften the hue, giving you a pastel color. When you add white, you are creating a tint, while adding gray gives you a tone.

As you create a lighter version of the hue, you can use the gradients to create a pleasing effect. You can also use complementary colors such as reds. This is helpful in giving pops of color to your interior design.

A lighter version of this hue can be used among other pastel colors such as pastel blue, pink, yellow, and violet.


Now that you know what hue you will produce when mixing green and brown, you can use this knowledge for your work and personal designs. We hope you learned a lot today!

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