What Are Some Things That Are White?

Are you curious about what are some things that are white? Stick around as we share the answer along with some interesting facts about the color white.

These days, many are leaning towards more neutral colors, particularly white. In fact, almost everywhere you look, there are things that are white in just about any field.

What is it that draws people to this particular shade? Is it because it appears pure, innocent, and even immaculate? Or does it impart a sense of honesty and openness, and dare we say, freshness and youthfulness? Whatever it might be, it cannot be denied that white is definitely ‘on trend’ and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Whether it is in art, design, or fashion, the color white is considered one of the most essential pigments. Because of its purity, it provides a stark contrast against more vibrant hues and offsets darker pigments, thus lending a more balanced approach to the arts and to varied industries.

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Is White Really a Color?

While white is normally perceived as the absence of color, this is actually quite the opposite. This means that this particular pigment is the result of all colors present within the visible light spectrum.

It is also the result of all wavelengths of light being reflected together.

It is not possible to achieve a pure shade of white using normal paints, however. Instead, this shade can be achieved via the use of additive colors. Under the color theory, Adobe states that the use of light and its combination with electromagnetic radiation forms the mere perception of white.

The primary colors used in making it are red, green, and blue.

Despite not technically being a color, white possesses special attributes that are unique to it, mainly its ability to reflect and emit colors, while not absorbing these hues. Because of this, white has the ability to make other pigments more pronounced.

Psychology of White

The power of white lies in its stark simplicity. In fact, the shade is considered dramatic, especially in contrast with its antithesis – black. While black is known for its mystery, fear, danger, and even evilness, white is associated with lightness and goodness.

It also represents fairness, honesty, innocence, and purity. And it is seen as a sign of virginity and even faith and spirituality.

White in History

Throughout history, white has been associated with a variety of professions, fields, and even traditions. For example, white wedding gowns have deemed the norm today.

However, that hasn’t always been the case in history, and we’ll discuss it later on. It is also widely used in the medical field, as seen in the lab coats of doctors. This may be due to the sterility and sense of cleanliness it imparts, making it fit for those in the field.

In religion, white has been used as a representation of purity, sacrifice, and virtue. It even symbolized Christ and His sacrifice for the salvation of the people, as depicted by the white lamb of God.

Meanwhile, in ancient Rome and Greece, white was seen as scholarly. It was draped and worn by scholars and important personalities who normally participated in ceremonial events and gatherings.

From these examples, you can see that although white is used universally, it tends to have different meanings and implications depending on how and where it is used.

Things That Are White

Things That are White

There are a variety of things that are white. Below are some of the most prevalent examples today.

  • Wedding Dresses

The white wedding gown made waves in 1840 as Queen Victoria challenged tradition and wed Prince Albert in a simple white lace dress paired with myrtle and orange blossoms instead of her majestic crown.

Though this was not an unusual color for women at the time, Queen Victoria’s choice was seen as a deviation from the once extravagant affairs celebrated by royalty. It reflected her desire to rule the country with prudence and simplicity, as well as value for money.

  • Snow and Snowflakes

Though snowflakes are actually clear, snow appears white. According to science, snow looks white because light bounces off of the translucent crystals. However, how the sunlight appears also affects how snow is seen by the viewer.

  • Clouds

Skies may be blue, but the puffy clouds floating around will almost always be white, with the exception of weather changes, of course. Clouds are white because they reflect the light coming from the sun, which is, you guessed it, white.

Light often passes through clouds and interacts with water droplets.

However, since there are more water droplets within clouds, light tends to become scattered all throughout, thus maintaining its pristine white shade.


Other things that are white are cotton, paper, and doves. Today, you may see this hue in your community as a backdrop against other colors, in your church or parish as a symbol of cleanliness and purity, or even in your wardrobe as a representation of simplicity and minimalism.

What other white things can you think of?

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