Orange and Yellow Mixed! What Color Does Orange and Yellow Make

Trying to figure out what color you get by mixing the colors orange and yellow?

Whether you are looking to design your place in time for the fall-winter transition or simply love these colors, knowing the combination of these two is a must.

If you have been racking your brain for this answer, you’ll be glad to know that this article will help you get to the bottom of it.

What comes to mind when you hear the colors orange and yellow?

Some might think of the sun, autumn leaves, warmth, and even light. Others might think about Thanksgiving, flowers, and even happiness.

Orange and Yellow on Autumn

While these two shades bear similarities with one another, the combination of these two colors will turn out wholly different from what you imagined.

Itching to see what the outcome of these two looks like?

Let’s find out…

Understanding the Color Wheel

When mixing colors, you might want to look back on your primary school days. You were taught that there are primary, secondary and tertiary hues.

Your teacher explained that the primary ones are red, yellow and blue.

When you mix two primaries together, you will get a secondary hue. If you remember, the secondaries include purple, green and orange.

Color Wheel: Mixing Primary Colors


When it comes to the two colors we are mixing today, you will see that one of them is a primary color while another is a secondary.

So, you might be asking the question: what do we get if we mix one primary and one secondary hue?

The answer is tertiary colors. This includes red-orange, red-violet, yellow-green, yellow-orange, blue-green and blue-violet.

Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, and Tertiary Colors Wheel Chart

All these hues make the color wheel.

Warm Tones

Both yellow and orange are classified as warm colors. Both of these hues even sit close to one another on the color wheel.

These fall in the warm color category primarily because they make you think of warm and cozy days, such as warmth, heat, and sunlight.

Because these embody heat and sunlight, they often foster feelings of passion, happiness, desire, and even motivation.

What Color Does Orange and Yellow Make?

Now that you know the basics of color theory and how the colors work together, it’s time to answer the burning question.

So, what color do you get when you mix yellow and orange?

If you look at the list of tertiary hues, you will see that we already mentioned the answer.

What color does orange and yellow make

Mixing yellow and orange will give you orange-yellow (aka yellow-orange).

This color is characterized by its bright orange hue, but with a lighter note.

In the event you do not have yellow-orange on hand, you may easily use primary colors to arrive at this outcome.

All you need are two basic colors: yellow and red.

Orange-Yellow Color Mix

Mix equal parts to achieve the color orange. Then, once you are satisfied with the shade, simply add more yellow to create yellow-orange.

This way, you will have used your knowledge of the color wheel.

Lighter and Darker Shades

The outcome of this mixture greatly depends on the amount of color you use to create it.

Keep in mind that orange is a combination of yellow and red.

Adding yellow to orange will give it a yellower quality. As you add more yellow, you are bound to get a lighter and lighter version.

Orange and Yellow in Design

Yellow-orange remains a beloved color used in a variety of fields. Because of its trendiness and popularity, it stands as a staple addition, not just in households, but also in fashion wardrobes.

Keen to know where this hue is being used today?

Orange-Yellow Interior Design

Keep on reading…

Based on the discussion on warm tones, you’ll find that these types of colors actually appear to advance or come forward, thus making your space feel cozier and closed up if you will.

For those who have huge spaces or large rooms (too large for their liking), using yellow-orange allows walls and spaces to take on a cozier appearance.

By painting a room in this shade, you can bring in a more intimate vibe.

Besides room and wall colors, yellow-orange can also be used as an accent color. From your couch cushions, your sofa’s throw, a carpet, or even upholstery – this will surely add a much-needed pop of color to your place.

Bear in mind that yellow-orange works well with a lot of tones, but particularly well with neutral palettes. Ivory, white, brown, red, and rust all look textured yet cohesive when paired with this color.

The same goes for clothes. Pair a bright yellow-orange top and dress it up in nude or khaki-colored pants and you’re good to go.

For those looking for color blocking options that pair beautifully with any interior design or wardrobe options, jewel tones such as deep greens, emerald, navy blue, and even purple complement yellow-orange.

The Bottom Line

Orange and yellow might bear similarities to one another, but when combined, they form a new hue. Yellow-orange is the outcome of these two shades, but you can temper this according to your liking.

We hope you learned something new today. Thank you for joining us and stay tuned for more fun and informational blogs!

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