Complementary to Peach: What Is the Opposite Color of Peach?

Are you wondering what is the opposite color of peach? Stick around as we share details about this popular color.

If you want to bring warmth and liveliness to a space, peach is the hue for you. Peaches come in a variety of colors, from light to pinkish to yellowish-orange.

Therefore, peach goes well with cold tones and is a nice complement to whites and other neutrals.

If you use peach in your home decor or wardrobe, it’s a good idea to know what other colors it goes well with.

Let’s take a closer look at what color is the opposite of peach!

What Color Is Peach?

What is the opposite color of peach

Peach is a hue that resembles the light tint of the inside flesh of the peach fruit. Alternatively, you might hear the hue called “peachy” instead.

Unlike apricot, the hue peach was created for use in interior design, as it is much lighter than the genuine peach fruit.

Peach became a color name in English in 1588. It is comprised of 100% red, 89.8% green, and 70.6% blue in an RGB color space.

When working with hex #FFE5B4, you’re working with a color separation that contains cyan (0%), magenta (10%), yellow (29%), and black (0%).

There is 100% saturation and 85.3% brightness in the color peach.

What Is the Opposite Color of Peach?

For peach (HEX #FFE5B4), the closest opposite color is cool black (#001A4B).

When two colors blend or mix, they produce a grayscale color, like white or black, because they cancel each other out.

The two hues on the color wheel that are opposite each other create complementary color schemes.

Simply place opposite colors adjacent to each other to get the best contrast between the two hues.

What Color Is Cool Black?

Blue is the primary color family of cool black. It’s a blend of cyan and blue hues.

The hexadecimal color code of cool black is #002e63 and it is a dark shade of cyan blue.

#002e63 has 0% red, 18.04% green, and 38.82% blue in the RGB color model. #002e63 has a hue of 212°, 100% saturation, and 19% lightness in the HSL color space.

The wavelength of this color is about 473.33 nm.

Other Colors That Complement Peach

Complementary color of peach

The combination of royal blue and peach is striking. Blue and green paint colors enhance the intensity of peach hues since blue is complementary to orange and green is complementary to red.

The combination of turquoise and peach lends a tropical beach vibe to a room or bathroom. On the other hand, muted peach shades look great with mint green and other soft pastels.

Additionally, cool and warm tones are well-balanced in this palette, making it suitable for both modern and classic settings.

Whether the peach is bold and rich or light and muted, white is a perfect complement to every shade of peach.

When applied on walls and ceilings, pale peach reads as neutral with a subtle tinge of warmth. Incorporating peach into a space with gold, beige, and cream creates a soft, romantic, and feminine atmosphere.

Peach is a great hue for bathroom walls since it flatters a wide range of skin colors.


Peach hues hold connections to life, enthusiasm, fun, and optimism. Choosing the right hue to go with peach is a personal choice based on the overall look you’re going for.

Hope you enjoyed our explanation of what is the opposite color of peach.

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