5 Colors That Go Well With Purple

Are you wondering what colors go well with purple? We share 5 colors that pair well with purple in this article.

Working with the color purple can be perplexing for some people. After all, this hue tends to come off as too bold, which is why many shy away from using this color in the first place.

As a matter of fact, many view this shade as an intimidating color, but we are here to help you find other colors to make purple work for you.

With this article, you might just change your tune and see purple in a new light. In fact, you can transform it into something regal, modern, and even boho, depending on what you want it to be.

Read on to learn more about colors that go with purple.

What is the Color Purple?

Colors That Go with Purple

The color purple is, by definition, the color between red and blue. It is a mix between the two colors and is often interchangeable with the color violet.

On the color wheel, purple is at the opposite end of yellow. This means they are complementary hues because they provide balance to each other.

Purple is often linked to themes of royalty and regality, as well as power and wisdom. It also speaks volumes about wealth and opulence. Moreover, it also signifies those having imagination, creativity, and mystery.

Colors That Go With Purple

Colors That Go with Purple

1. Yellow

Yellow is the opposite color from purple on the color wheel. As mentioned, this makes them complementary to one another and they can make each other shine and pop unlike any other.

As such, this color combination is a no-brainer.

If you want to go for a hip and vibrant look, you should definitely explore a purple and yellow pairing.

This will add a hint of freshness and brightness throughout your space. For example, you can pair bigger purple furniture with yellow throw pillows as accents.

2. Pink

Pink is often considered childish and girly, but not in our case. Sure, you may have used it as a child, but there fresh are ways of making these two work together.

The key to using pink and purple is sticking to lighter shades. Blush pink, dusty rose, and the like, will not only add a touch of whimsy to your place or wardrobe, it will also elevate your space and appearance to a classic look that will stand the test of time.

You should also opt for lavender as a lighter purple, as this combination speaks of femininity but on another level of sophistication.

3. Teal

Go for a timeless and sophisticated look by pairing these two hues. Not only will teal impart a relaxing and calming feeling, but it can also add a hint of elegance and playfulness at the same time.

Not to mention, this will certainly make for an eye-popping combo nobody can resist.

When it comes to pairing teal and purple, however, it’s best to stick to more muted tones. This will give a vintage yet timeless vibe.

Complete this look with some gold accents and you’ll create a modern look that will feel every bit as luxurious for all time.

4. Gray

Many people see gray as a dreary tone, but we say otherwise. This neutral color packs in understated elegance and a depth of smokiness that pairs beautifully with the purple vibrance.

This combination looks extremely elegant, making it appear flawless and timeless, whether in fashion or interior design.

What makes the gray and purple combination a success is that gray acts as the neutral foundation which purple can use to highlight itself without appearing too safe.

5. Green

Purple and green often get a bad reputation, especially when associated with eggplant and Barney. But, don’t be too quick to set aside this color combination. After all, as contrasting colors on the color wheel, these two actually go together beautifully.

To help elevate these two hues, we suggest opting for a deep purple color and breaking this with either a dark green or emerald green-toned color.

This will lend not only an air of maturity but also a level of sophistication. As a matter of fact, you can say goodbye to all traces of childlike associations with this green and purple pairing.

The Takeaway

Purple is a wonderful color to add to your wardrobe and your home. By mixing and matching purple with the hues in this article, you can finally find the right mix that won’t make purple as overwhelming as it seems.

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