What Colors Make Red Violet? What Two Colors Make Red Violet

What Colors Make Red Violet

Interested in what colors make red violet? Stick around as we share what colors you can mix together to make this beautiful color.

From the enchanting hue of wine to the nostalgic plaid dresses of the 1950s, this color has long been visible in our world. With this, many have taken interest in this deep, rich color.

To date, while the pigment is most famous in the fashion landscape, especially as hair color, its bold, exotic appearance still makes it a go-to color for both artists and interior designers as well.

To help you further understand the complexity and charm that come with this spectacular hue, it’s important to know what colors form it in the first place.

Read on.

What Is Red Violet?

As the name suggests, red violet resembles a reddish tone of purple that is close to the color magenta. In color theory, the pigment is classified as a variety of purple, which falls between red and violet; thus, the name “red violet.”

How Can We Classify Red Violet as a Color?

In understanding colors and their relationships, artists and designers are provided with what we call the color wheel.

As you may remember, this refers to the circular illustration of colors introduced to you way back in your early education, probably in primary school or even in kindergarten.

Under this paradigm, colors are laid out on a circle and arranged in a way that indicates their relationships with one another.

Warm, Cool Color Wheel


Interestingly, its history can be traced back to the great genius, Isaac Newton, who first mapped the color spectrum onto a circle in 1666.

From then onwards, the color wheel has been used as both an artistic and scientific tool to identify how each color relates to one another.

Generally, we use two popular versions of the color wheel.

One is called the RYB, or the Red, Yellow, and Blue version, and the other is called the RGB, or the Red, Green, and Blue version. To explain simply, the first one is the most common and is typically used by artists when dealing with actual paints.

Meanwhile, the RGB is specifically designed for online use and is often used by graphic designers.

In order for us to understand the placement of red violet in the color spectrum, it’s best to turn to the first type of color wheel, the RYB.

Red Violet Flowers

Under this pattern, colors are divided into three categories.

The first one, called the primary colors, refers to the basic hues which all other colors stem from. They are the colors red, yellow, and blue.

On the other hand, there we have the secondary colors, referring to the colors created by combining two primaries together. They are the colors purple (red mixed with blue), orange (red mixed with yellow), and green (yellow mixed with blue).

Lastly, there is what we call the tertiary colors, which are those colors generated by combining a primary color with a secondary color. They are red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet, and red-violet.

What Colors Make Red Violet?

As can be inferred from our discussion above, the color red-violet falls under the category of tertiary colors. This means that in order to recreate it, you will need to blend a primary color with a secondary one.

Since red-violet is positioned between the colors red and violet in the color wheel, combining the two will form red-violet.

What Two Colors Make Red Violet

In order to do that, it is important to use an equal amount of red and violet in your mixture. Depending on your desired result, you can adjust the ratio by adding more violet, or adding more red as needed.

In case you don’t have ready-made violet paint, you can still recreate the color red-violet by referring back to the color wheel.

As a secondary color, you can create violet by combining the colors red and blue. Once you have created your desired shade, you can now proceed to create red-violet.

You may also adjust the tint of the pigment by adding white into the mixture if you want to arrive at a lighter version of red-violet.

The Bottom Line

Ready to explore red-violet in both arts and design? With its bold and exotic style, the color certainly promises a range of enchanting energy and power.

Given red’s passionate appeal and violet’s mystical vibe, combining them to create red-violet will surely give your work a different touch.

Discover more about the abilities this color by experimenting with your materials today. We hope you enjoy reading about what colors make red violet.

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