What Colors Make Navy Blue? What Two Colors Make Navy Blue

In this article, we will finally go in-depth into the production of navy. In fact, you might be wondering what colors make navy blue.

When you think about navy blue, some of the first things that come to mind are your favorite pair of jeans, the depths of the ocean, and not surprisingly, the famous Doctor Who phone booth.

The color may even remind you of calm and peaceful days.

So, whether you are planning to dye your jeans the perfect shade of blue, painting your walls, or simply familiarizing yourself with the art of color mixing, knowing how to achieve a navy blue outcome is a must.

After all, this shade is something that we see in our everyday lives.

While we are already accustomed to the color, learning how to make it might be a little tricky. Because of this, experimenting with different colors and shades is essential. This way, you can recreate your favorite shade whenever you like!

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Navy blue is similar to the primary color blue and all other shades within this family. This is because it’s base color is blue.

However, navy blue itself takes on a deeper and darker appearance compared to others. Since this is not a primary color, making navy blue requires the presence of two or more colors.

Want to find out which ones? Let’s get started…

A Brief Introduction to Color Theory

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of what colors make navy blue, it is best to start with a more thorough grasp of color theory and the relationships between colors.

Back in primary or even in middle school, we learned about the color wheel and color theory. The most common colors we learned were part of 3 major groups: primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

Color Wheel Chart

Primary colors refer to blue, red, and yellow. Meanwhile, secondary colors are comprised of violet, green, and orange.

Tertiary colors, on the other hand, include blue-green, red-violet, red-orange, yellow-orange, blue-violet, and yellow-green.

Black and White Colors

Black and white don’t fall under any of these categories. This is because they are considered neutrals, otherwise known as special colors.

Black is considered the presence of all colors, in this case, the combination of all primary colors. To attain a darker hue, known as a shade, the color black is added to the base.

Meanwhile, white is the combination of two primary colors, namely red and blue, and the secondary color green (in additive color mixing).

To achieve a brighter and lighter outcome, also known as a tint, the color white is added to the base.

By getting acquainted with these basic combinations, you will be able to determine whether to add black or white to the mixture. As a matter of fact, you may now have an inkling as to how to achieve navy blue.

What Colors Make Navy Blue

As you are now equipped with the basics of color theory, you are ready to find out what colors make navy blue.

So what two colors make navy blue you ask?

What colors make navy blue

Using the primary color blue and the neutral color black, you can achieve the navy blue color you are looking for.

But, sometimes these two alone are enough to get navy.

However, if you don’t have the color black with you, don’t worry. You can also experiment with mixing other colors.

Try adding orange, red and yellow, to the primary color blue. Do this a little at a time until you reach the right shade.

After you are done combining these, you can easily darken or lighten navy blue depending on your preference.

Remember to add black if you want to err on the darker side and add white if you feel like you have made the mixture a little too dark.

Navy Blue in Design

These days, navy blue is consistently seen in interior decorations, particularly in homes and even high-end ateliers. According to Architectural Digest, navy blue is considered the new black, primarily because it borders on the rich and intense without appearing too dark and gloomy.

As a relatively neutral color, navy blue serves as the perfect backdrop for almost all colors. In particular, black, gold, silver, and other metallic shades work well with this color.

Because of its muted tone, it pairs beautifully with warmer shades, such as the warm browns of wood, brass, brick, and other similar accents.

The Bottom Line

With this guide in mind, you’ll certainly come up with the perfect navy blue in no time. Feel free to experiment with colors and use this timeless shade in just about any way you wish.

From decorating your walls, incorporating it in your wardrobe or even doing your makeup – there are endless possibilities.

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