What Colors Make Lime Green? What Two Colors Make Lime Green

What Colors Make Lime Green

Interested to know how the lime green color is achieved? In this article, you’ll learn how to make it with just two colors.

Whether you’re trying to recreate the actual color of the fruit or simply trying to master the art of mixing, you need to familiarize yourself with the basics of mixing colors.

This way, you can add the right shades that perfectly capture the color you wish to express.

Lime green is pretty trendy these days. You might associate this color with the citrus fruit for which the hue was named, Granny Smith apples, and even vibrant blades of grass on a sunny day.

Lime Green Fruit

To help you make this color, it’s essential to experiment with the basic colors you have on hand. That way, you can create this tone even when you don’t have the correct hues of paint to mix with.

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Lime green bears similarities to the colors yellow and green. However, there are different degrees of lightness and darkness when it comes to making this color.

Aside from knowing the two colors that make lime green, you can also add in varying amounts of white and black to get your desired outcome.

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Learning About the Color Wheel

The color wheel is responsible for showing the relationships between colors and potential outcomes of mixing different color combinations.

RGB Color Chart

RGB Color Chart


There are two types of color wheels, namely the RYB or the red, yellow, and blue color wheel, and the RGB, also known as the red, green, and blue color wheel.

The former is commonly used by artists who use paint as a medium, while the latter is used by digital designers.

RYB Color Mixture

RYB Color Mixture Chart


From the RYB, mixing any two hues will get you secondary colors, such as orange, green, and violet.

Adding in another primary color to the secondary tones will yield tertiary colors, such as blue-green, red-orange, yellow-orange, red-violet, blue-violet, and yellow-green.

Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, and Tertiary Colors Wheel Chart

Experimenting and combining colors constantly yields new combinations. The tone, tint, shade, hue, brightness, and darkness of a color depends upon the amount of each paint you mixed.

If you look closely, you might notice that lime green actually bears resemblance to yellow-green. That’s because these are the two main colors needed to make this particular shade. This gives you an idea of how lime green is created.

What Two Colors Make Lime Green

To come up with lime green, all you need to do is combine equal parts green and yellow. These two colors alone produce the lime green color you know today.

What colors make lime green

However, those who do not have these two colors on hand need not worry. These can also be achieved by combining two primary colors: yellow and blue.

The combination of blue and yellow produces green. Meanwhile, adding in more yellow will make the overall mixture more vibrant.

If you need more depth and dimension in your paintings or artwork, chances are, you’ll need different tones and shades of lime green to give more substance to your work. These can all be easily achieved with two additional colors:

  • By adding white, you can make a lime green tint that is on the lighter end of the spectrum.
  • If you add black, you can produce a darker shade.

Bear in mind that the amount you put in determines the result of your color. Start small and slow and mix until you get it right.

Lime Green in Design

After this quick and easy tutorial of sorts, you now know how to make lime green using only two colors. Despite being considered a loud and vibrant color, lime green is used in many commercial and residential spaces.

As an eye-catching hue, lime green has the ability to brighten up any space. Often associated with nature and energy, lime green perfectly encapsulates what it means to be refreshed and revitalized.

In a contemporary setting, lime green is used as a backdrop against darker and more muted tones, such as black and silver. However, it also works well with contrasting colors, such as pops of orange, yellow, and blue.

Because it takes on a brighter yellow-toned green, the color also supplies an eclectic and bohemian feel to any place. These can work as a statement color in furniture and other household furnishings.

In fashion, lime green made waves this 2019 because it was considered a groundbreaking color for summer. Kylie Jenner, sister Kendall, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, and a slew of other celebrities were all seen in this color.

Bottom Line

Whatever craft you’re trying to perfect, learning how to mix and achieve lime green is undoubtedly a nifty skill to have on hand. After all, you can use this in just about any situation.

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