What Colors Make Blue Violet? What Two Colors Make Blue Violet

What Colors Make Blue Violet

Today, we are going to take a closer look at what colors make blue violet. It is incredibly easy to mix paints and make new colors to use in your art.

Aside from the primary and secondary colors, you can also create tertiary colors like blue violet.

As an artist, it is important to know how to create different colors in the color wheel.

When you think about the color blue violet, what comes to mind? Since the color is somewhat dark, resembling violet, you may think of flowers such as Violas or Verbena.

As we discuss this, you will also start to understand how colors react to one another and how mixing them will make way for a whole new set of colors you can use for your art.

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What Two Colors Make Blue Violet

As you know, blue-violet is a tertiary color. It is created by mixing two colors: blue and violet.

This is a given based on the name, but there are also some other ways to create this color.

For instance, you can mix straight red with blue, ensuring to add more blue than red.

What Colors Make Blue Violet

This works because mixing primary colors red and blue will create violet. You then add more blue to make blue violet.

Here is a visual chart that easily explains how you can make the tertiary color blue violet.

What Happens When You Mix Colors

Most colors you see in paintings do not come right out of the tube. Although the varieties of colors available on the market are wide, you can always create new ones by color mixing.

Artists modify the value and intensity of colors by mixing other colors together. One can tone down colors by adding more neutral colors or intensify hues by adding brighter colors.

More intense colors will draw more attention when surrounded by lower intensity colors. This is what creates the dynamic of hues, emphasizing some details in paintings and playing down others.

If you are creating assorted swatches of blue violet, you need the colors violet, red, and blue to add depth to the painting.

In addition, understanding how complementary and analogous colors will help you intensify shades or add sharp contrast.

Generally, there are two types of color mixing: additive and subtractive.

Additive mixing of colors means you create new colors by adding wavelengths of light.

Typically, this mixing is used for combining primary colors red, yellow, and blue. If you overlap all three colors in an equal mixture, you will get white.

Additive and Subtractive Colors

On the other hand, subtractive color mixing means you create new colors by filtering out wavelengths, eventually leading to black.

For example, if you combine cyan, magenta, and yellow, you can make black.

Blue Violet Code

As we now know, blue violet is simply a variety of the color violet. It is usually associated with feminine qualities, mystery, and royalty.

Periwinkle is a color that looks very similar to blue violet but with certain differences.

The hex color code of blue violet is #8A2BE2. Codes are integral to indicate the values of colors for electronic components.

Blue violet in RGB is 138,43, 226, while in CMYK, it’s code is 0.3894, 0.8097, 0.1137.

Blue Violet in Design

This color is pretty famous for brands, as it adds a touch of luxury and royalty.

Famous brands in the color blue violet include the basketball team franchise, Los Angeles Lakers; the food chain, Taco Bell; and chocolate brand, Cadbury.

Cadbury Blue Violet

In interior design, blue violet is often used for details in rooms, particularly in furniture, carpets, and artwork.

The color adds elegance to a room and makes a space interesting.

There are also some houses that add blue violet to walls using wallpaper or paint for an added feminine vibe, especially in children’s rooms.

Meaning of Blue Violet

The symbolic meaning of blue violet is mostly about feminine elegance, vibrance, and mystery.

This color represents modesty and humility, which are great values. Blue violet also signifies love or interest in a romantic relationship.


When looking at the color blue violet, you can think of the two colors that make up its name. Blue, is a royal color, and violet is a mysterious color. Adding the two creates the tertiary color blue violet.

Thanks for joining us, and we hope that you learned some new knowledge that can help you with your artwork. Now when someone asks you “what colors make blue violet?” … You can confidently answer them.

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