What Color is Saffron? About Saffron Color (Updated 2023)

In this article, we’re going to explore the question “what color is saffron?”

Saffron not to be mistaken by the spice… we’re going to talk about the Saffron color in detail.

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Colors have the power to affect the mood of people with their visual appeal. So, you may respond to some colors that influence your temper, emotions, feelings, and state of mind. Colors can heal the soul and boosts positive thoughts. The flashy, vibrant colors can stipulate the mind for effective healing of the body.

The colors like Saffron (derived from the Arabic word Zaffaran) can exude positive energy in people that boosts the energy of people. So if you are wondering what the color of is saffron, then read this to know more about the mystical color.

What Color is Saffron

Saffron has a tone of golden-yellow that resembles saffron spice. In 1200 A.D. the Saffron color name was introduced in English. Saffron is neither yellow nor orange, so it depends on your perception of color. Though the saffron spice is reddish in tone, the saffron color has a more orange-yellow blend to it and many people associate the saffron color with the rising sun.

It has two variations:

  • Rajah, saffron with a bright deep tone.
  • Deep Saffron also known as Indian Saffron

what color is saffron

According to Wikipedia:

  • Saffron is the colour that is a tone of golden yellow resembling the colour of the tip of the saffron crocus thread, from with the spice saffron is dervied.

Now that you know about the saffron color… let’s talk about how to make the saffron color.

What Two Colors Make Saffron

If you are interested in watercolors or finger painting, then you may understand the mixing of colors. Two or more colors are combined to obtain a new color that has a different tone to it.

what two colors make saffron

The Saffron is obtained by;

When you mix the two colors yellow and orange you will get the color saffron. Some people may mistake the color saffron for the color orange, but it has a yellow hue to it. This is why it is easy to achieve this color by mixing the two colors together.

What two colors make saffron color

Saffron Color Code

If you’re looking to recreate the saffron color digitally you can reference the RGB saffron color code. In the computer world (RGB) the deep saffron is composed of the following color compositions

This color combination is also known as hex #ff9933 or Deep Saffron

Whereas, if you’re looking for the CMYK color code then the saffron color is composed of:

  • Cyan – 0%
  • Magenta – 40%
  • Yellow – 80%
  • Black – 0%

Saffron Color Meaning

You may feel excited to know that each color has a different meaning to it that signifies its importance. In connection with religion, what color is Saffron? It is a pious color that signifies deep meaning in several beliefs.

  • Hinduism: The Hindu scriptures attribute saffron with sacrifice, salvation, and the quest for wisdom or light. Many Hindu leaders wear saffron to indicate their religious abstinence as they leave the materialistic world in search of divinity. It is a color that lasts longer under severe duress which makes it a favorable choice of color. It signifies the Agni (Fire) that can purify anything, so it is known as the Supreme Being.
  • Buddhism: The Buddhist monk wears the saffron color to signify their abstinence from the worldly good. They seek the spiritual awakening that will make them come closer to the divine self.
  • Muslims: They rub the shaved parts of babies head after the ritual of Aqiqah. Muslim men are forbidden to wear saffron clothing.

What Color is Saffron Psychologically?

It is a color that symbolizes the path of enlightening or new beginnings. People who wish to develop a new vision favor the saffron color. It means that new light has come into your life that will eliminate the negative forces and fill you with positivity. It gives a new perception that will transform the personality for betterment.

Saffron in Indian Flag

The famous application of the saffron color is the use of the Indian Flag. If you are thinking about what color is saffron, then it symbolizes courage in Indian Flag. The top band of the flag has Saffron that signifies the strength and courage of the people of the country.

Saffron is a sacred color that plays a significant role in meditation for relaxing the body and soul. It denotes the sacrifice and growth of the self that will create wonders in your self-development.


We hope you learned a lot about the Saffron Color. Now when someone asks you “what color is saffron?” you can intelligently explain to them the history and meaning of the color and how to recreate it by mixing the colors yellow and orange.

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