What Color Is Merlot? About Merlot Color

What Color Is Merlot

The color merlot is considered elegant and timeless since it is based on classic French wine. Keep reading to discover what color merlot is, its psychological meaning, and how to use it in design.

Merlot is one of the most versatile colors. It is a fantastic shade of red you can fully utilize if you know the way to match it effectively in any case, whether you want to use it for décor or fashion.

What Color Is Merlot?

What Color Is Merlot

Merlot is a deep purple-red hue, named for its similarity to Merlot grape wine from France. This color has many varieties, just like the wine’s rich flavor qualities. It ranges from purple-red to a blueish purple with rich, dark cherry tones.

The color merlot is easily mistaken for Bordeaux, burgundy, and blackberry as they all belong to the red color spectrum.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are merlot color codes?

Merlot’s hex color code is #7F171F. In the RGB color model, merlot is made of 127% red, 23% green, and 31% blue. The RGB code is rgb(127, 23, 31).

On the other side, in the CMYK color model, merlot is made of 0% cyan, 81.9% magenta, 75.6% yellow, and 50.2% black. The CMYK code is cmyk(0, 81.9, 75.6, 50.2).

2. What Is the Meaning of the Color Merlot?

Since the color of merlot is related to red, it also signifies passion, deep love, energy, and power. In addition, the deep red shade and rich color convey elegance. It is usually linked with a high social level or wealth.

3. How To Use Merlot Color for Home Designing?

Interior Design: Merlot is also a wonderful choice for furniture or wall color, especially when paired with a contrasting color in a room. Merlot, for example, is a deep, dark hue that should be balanced with light and cool tones of blue, or used to bring warmth and color to gray.

While employing conventional, basic hues, varying tones of red and purple may produce a modern color accent. Using white to highlight the merlot color is also a good idea.

Because merlot and black are bold colors, use the 60-30-10 guidelines to keep them from overpowering a room. Apply 60% of a neutral color like white for the room’s base, 30% black for the furniture, and 10% Merlot for the finishing touches.

Exterior Design: Merlot stands among traditional exterior home colors. A home achieves a classic, historical appearance when a merlot-colored house is mixed with black doors and shutters, pale cream, or an off-white frame.

4. How To Use Merlot Color for Fashion?

Merlot may be seen as a neutral color. When it comes to choosing your attire, the vivid, dramatic color can expand your selections. Besides, it looks nice on all skin tones because of the tonal blend in the color.

5. Colors That Match Well With Merlot

White and Black: When you combine white and merlot, you get a fresh look. This pairing is good for going to the office or just taking an afternoon walk. Merlot with black is a traditional combo, but it is suitable for any setting. It is appropriate for school, work, celebrations, or a romantic date.

Beige: Merlot and beige is a popular pair worth trying. It gives you a refreshing vibe and a younger impression. All you have to do is coordinate the colors, whether in your clothes, accessories, or shoes. The result is a great style outfit that will amaze people.

Gray: Gray, along with merlot, makes an excellent pairing. The attire exudes a somewhat serious vibe because of the gray hue, but then it is all up to you how to style your attire when using these colors. It can be suitable for both formal or casual situations.

Yellow: Combining merlot with yellow or mustard can make your outfit attractive and eye-catching. The outfit becomes lively and bright because of the two colors. Furthermore, this is an excellent autumn combo, since it complements the season perfectly.

Orange: Orange is a fun color because of its bright and striking quality. You can combine it with a lot of other different colors, just like merlot. A merlot and orange color combination is a lovely pick for the autumn season.

Green: Green and merlot is a recommended option because both colors have nature feels. You may also experiment with various green shades and pair them with your preferred merlot-colored apparel to create a stunning combo.

The Bottom Line

Merlot is a classic color that may be applied in a variety of ways. This color is certain to draw admiration. Go ahead and use merlot for designing, too. Try to mix and match it with other colors as well. We hope this article helped you to better understand the color merlot.

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