What Color is Indicolite? About Indicolite Color

What color is Indicolite

Are you wondering what color is indicolite? We share more information about this deep color below.

Indicolite is the blue hue of elbaite, a semi-precious gemstone. This hue comes in shades from a light greenish-blue to a strong blue with a secondary green color.

Let’s find out more about indicolite.

What Color Is Indicolite?

What color is Indicolite

An indicolite crystal is a part of the tourmaline family. It is a magnesium iron boro-aluminum silicate hydroxide. It is found in metamorphic rocks and high-temperature hydrothermal veins.

Indicolite is also an elbaite, the most vibrant of all tourmalines. As a result, crystal collectors and jewelers prize this specimen.

The color of this mineral is blue or blue-black. However, it can range from a pale to a deep shade of blue. An indicolite crystal’s bright indigo hue comes from the name indigolite.

Indicolite is found in the United States, Brazil, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, and Afghanistan. Channelers and psychic mediums use this stone often. You can also use it to open your third eye and throat chakras.

Additionally, it will help improve your communication and connect with those who have passed. You can reach your spirit guides and guardian angels with indicolite as well.

Indicolite allows you to learn more about your past life. It can also enhance your psychic and intuitive powers and make you more clairvoyant.

How to Use Indicolite in Interior Design

Indicolite is a substitute for black in the world of interior design. When used as wall paint, it gives the same dramatic impact as black. A space filled with indicolite might appear dark without a boost of metallics and patterns.

Like black, indicolite benefits from the use of texture and light in your living spaces. Consider adding metallics and textures to floors and fabrics. You should keep in mind that darker colors absorb light while brighter hues reflect it.

When used in a formal setting like a home study or office, indicolite gives off a sense of confidence and authority.

It’s also a relaxing color, which may reduce tension if you’re working hard! Texture and visual interest are essential in rooms painted in a single hue. With a design like this one, you’ll add interest and break up the monotony of the room.


Indicolite is one of the rarest colors you may hear of, but it is a great hue to use if you want to add some elegance, class, and sophistication to your home.

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