What Color Is Espresso? About Espresso Color (Updated 2023)

Are you curious about what color is espresso? We will share the answer in this article.

Espresso is a kind of coffee known for its potency and kick, making it suitable only in small servings. When talking about anything other than coffee, espresso likely refers to a color.

This practice of naming hues according to an object that closely represents its shade is common. This is why many colors are named after things such as lilac and amber.

With espresso, you clearly know that it is named after a form of coffee with extremely dark colors. However, this description does not do justice to the exact nature of this hue.

To get a clear picture of what the color espresso truly means, it is important to talk about its namesake.

Ready? Let’s dive in…

What Exactly Is Espresso?

As mentioned, espresso is basically concentrated coffee served in shots because of its strength and caffeine content. It is also extremely thick compared to your normal cup of joe.

While they may look different, it is interesting to know that espresso is actually made using the typical coffee bean, just through a different procedure.

Espresso Coffee

This Italian-style coffee-making method uses a machine that uses pressure to extract the taste and content of finely ground beans. To make a serving, the machine runs pressurized hot water over the grounds.

This method creates a foam that contributes to the overall appeal of espresso not only in terms of appearance but also in flavor and experience.

Knowing where espresso came from, you probably have an idea as to what color family this hue belongs in. Keep reading to find out…

What Color is Espresso?

what color is espresso

When you hear the word coffee, what color immediately comes to mind? You are likely thinking of browns. Just think of all the coffee paintings that went viral because of the unique use of the beverage.

They are predominantly brown with varying saturation, depending on how much water is mixed with every stroke.

Espresso belongs to the brown family, despite its almost black appearance.

At first glance, you might think that something in this color is black, but it is actually an extremely dark version of brown. Just like its beverage counterpart, this is a rich brown hue with a strong resemblance to black.

The Meaning of Espresso

Espresso Color

This color is used in many aspects of art and design, which is why it is important to know what ideas it is associated with and what effects it can offer.

Let’s start by looking at the meaning of brown, the base color of all hues in the brown family. Brown is seen as a warm and comfortable pigment, perhaps because of its close connection to nature and earth colors.

It is the hue of tree trunks and land. When used in the design, it can induce relaxation as it helps release hormones that aid sleep and uplift the mood.

Because of this, brown is closely related to stability, reliability, solidity, and comfort.

Just think of having your first sip of coffee on a quiet morning. However, some see this hue as a boring, uninspiring, and depressing color, perhaps because of its dark and moody characteristics.

Because espresso is an extremely dark version of brown, it is safe to say that espresso amplifies the ideas and effects of the color. In fact, dark brown is seen as a warm, mature, and predictable hue. On the other hand, it is also known to be dull, sad, and low energy.

The Use of Espresso in Art and Design

Go to any furniture store and you are bound to find espresso-colored pieces. These go perfectly with other wood pieces of furniture, as well as with neutral-colored ones.

Like its coffee counterpart, which can be diluted according to your preferences, this hue is also versatile in that it can go well with almost anything thanks to its close resemblance to black.

As pieces of clothing, the same principle applies to this hue. It can be paired with neutrals and other browns. Because it looks almost neutral, it goes well with members of other color families, such as reds, yellows, and greens.

Experimentation is the key to finding the right combination, so do not hesitate to mix and match.

In art, coffee paintings are the best example of an espresso color. Other artists, while they did not use coffee as paint, have pieces that contain espresso.

Take a look at Rembrandt’s somber work and you will have an idea of how this hue is applied in art. This painter is known for his dark and moody style, which usually has dark versions of colors, including browns.


Espresso is a great choice not only as a beverage but as a color. Now that you know exactly what this hue is, you can start using it to create wonderful combinations that can improve your art or design.

I hope you enjoyed our article about the color espresso.

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