Green and Yellow Mixed! What Color Does Yellow and Green Make

Green and yellow are ever-present in our daily lives. While you may be familiar with these colors on their own, you may not know what happens when these colors mix.

As a matter of fact, you may be wondering, “what color does yellow and green make?”

If this is the case, we are here to help. Today, we’ll be answering your question and exploring the combination of these hues.

Taken individually, both of these colors might mean and represent something different for everyone. For example, yellow might mean happiness, warmth, and sunshine.

Meanwhile, the color green can symbolize nature, growth, renewal, and life.

However, when combined, it might be hard to imagine what these two would look like. Would one shade outshine the other? Or would one simply make the outcome muddled?

Let’s find out…

Understanding the Basics of Color Theory

When you were a child, you were introduced to the basics of color theory. Your teacher might have even taught you the color wheel and the colors that sit side by side. To further examine the relationship of these colors, make sure to stay tuned…

Color Wheel

The color wheel is typically comprised of three main groups, namely the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. Red, blue, and yellow comprise the primary color subgroup.

Meanwhile, violet, orange, and green are those included in the secondary group.

Tertiary colors are the combination of one primary color with one secondary hue. The colors that belong in this group are red-violet, red-orange, blue-green, blue-violet, yellow-orange, and yellow-green.

What Color Does Yellow and Green Make?

By now, you might have an idea of what green and yellow make. Thanks to the basics of color theory, you now have a more in-depth understanding of the by-product of these two colors.

Armed with more information, we are now going to answer the question, “what color does green and yellow make?”

To answer your question simply, the combination of these colors is yellow-green. Yellow-green is considered a tertiary color.

what color does yellow and green make

Mixing these two hues are not the only ways you can achieve a yellow-green outcome. In the event you only have primary colors on hand, you can easily work with those as well.

All you need are equal parts of blue and yellow to achieve green. Then, combine yellow once more to get yellow-green.

Bear in mind that the outcome of these colors differs when different amounts of hues are added as well. Let’s learn a little more about this.

Going Lighter, Going Darker

Yellow-green is a versatile color that can easily be manipulated to fit your desired outcome. In fact, you can add more green to darken the hue. In this case, green will dominate the combination.

On the other hand, if you choose to lighten and brighten up the hue, you can simply add more amounts of yellow in the mix.

You may also add white to achieve a lighter tint. Meanwhile, adding black will not only deepen the result but also add depth and dimension as well. This results in a shade that pairs well with other colors.

Green and Yellow in Design

Many individuals shy away from using green and yellow in design. But when used properly, this can create magnificent results that help any space stand out from the crowd.

These can even become a staple color not just for your place, but also for the clothes you have in your wardrobe.

Yellow Green Room

Yellow-green evokes a feeling of freshness. It combines the best of yellow and green and makes it something entirely its own.

Because it brings a sense of lightness akin to a breath of fresh air, you can opt to do a spring-themed design using this color as the base.

Partnered with light colors, such as those of pastel hues, this would set the tone to welcome the season. Pinks and blues would work well against these.

For those who wish to take on a more subdued approach to yellow-green, using this in conjunction with white, beige, ecru, brown, gray, and other neutral colors will give you a refreshing and homey palette you can use all year long.

Yellow-green clothing is not going anywhere. From vintage-styled dresses to brighter, neon hues, this will become a mainstay in just about anyone’s wardrobe.

Worn over biker shorts or with a cinched belt, this is one color that’s sure to take you from day to night, from street to prim and proper.

The Bottom Line

Learning how to mix colors is a skill everyone needs to master. Now that you understand how combining yellow and green works and what pairs well with it, you can now start incorporating this into other aspects of your life – from fashion, beauty, home goods, health, and many more.

The options are endless.

Anthony Tran

Anthony Tran

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