21 Best Small Business Ideas for Women

Looking for the best small business ideas for women? Look no further as we share some of the top businesses you can start this year.

There are plenty of small business ideas for women. Most of these ideas are consistent with their exceptional skills and abilities. Men are always driven by their need for accomplishment in business.

They aim to get to the top and are goal-oriented. However, this is different from women who entirely put their hearts into what they do. They need to work a little smarter in order to prosper and succeed. The secret is simply taking one small business idea and focusing on it till you get good results.

In no particular order of ranking here is the list of our favorite small business ideas.

Best Small Business Ideas for Women

Small Business Ideas for Women

1. Join Amazon FBA

This platform can be a great way to make extra cash if you want to deal with sales and deals. It all entails getting products that you buy at a cheaper price than selling them on Amazon. Finding worthy products which can really sell will require deep market research.

2. Babysitting

This is the most common small business in developed countries. Typically, women are overachievers in metro cities. They have limited time and attention in caring for their kids. You can take advantage of this and charge a specific percentage of a fee for taking care of their kids.

3. Pet Care

This idea is best for those who love animals. It is common in urban areas where wealthy individuals have less time to care for their pets. You will definitely get good pay if you spare sometimes with their pets.

4. Personal Trainer

If you have a passion for helping people realize their fitness goals, then this can be a great idea for you. You will first need to be certified before joining this. Start by providing private or even group classes.

5. Dietary Consultancy Services

It is the aim of every person to stay in good shape and health. However, only a few people have basic knowledge of healthy diet plans. Take advantage of this and provide worthy information on day-to-day food intake. This small idea can be profitable if you can manage to offer comprehensive customer satisfaction.

6. Proof-Reading

This is for those who are accustomed to spelling and language rules. To get qualified and certified, take some online courses and do some extra research in selecting the best program.

7. Open a Toy Shop

If you start well, then you can import toys from manufacturing countries such as China which offers affordable rates. You will then later resale at a higher price in your home country. The key here is quality handmade toys. Since children have too much love for toys, then this can be a noble business for you.

8. Become a Photographer

All you need is a good camera with all the necessary accessories. Start by building a strong portfolio first. You can offer shooting to your family as well as friends free of charge. You can then afterward ask for a reasonable fee in order to become popular.

9. Secondhand Items Buying and Selling

There are many people who would like to dispose of their used items for new ones. You can buy them at a small fee and then late resell them. Such items may include furniture, television, home appliances, and laptops among many others. The key in this business is being genuine all time. Customer satisfaction will guarantee you more clients.

10. Gardening

This is one-season work for those who love working outdoors. You can do everything with minimal skills such as taking care of that flower garden, lawn mowing, etc.

11. Dance class

Start your own dance class provided you have skills in dancing. These days, young people love to learn how to dance in order to stay fit or as a hobby. You will require zero investment to start such kind of a business idea. In addition, you can start well from your home!

12. eBay Flipper

If you are the kind of woman who always gets good deals with secondhand stores, then this can be a good business idea. Look for all kinds of stuff they sell for a profit on eBay. You can start with silk ties among many other peculiar things.

13. Virtual Assistant

This is one perfect business profession for women. The competition is favorable contrary to the popular belief of being competitive. The key here is finding your target market. Offer offline assistance to fiction authors if you love reading fiction.

14. Earn by Shopping

Your love for shopping may possibly be more than just a hobby. If you enjoy hunting for shopping deals in Goodwill stores, then this is for you. You can start by searching for noble vintage items, modify them a bit, and later sell them. Imagine getting paid just to shop!

15. Elder or Childcare

This idea will require women who have extra space in their homes in order to set up a care home. It all entails people who love being around others and offering family life.

16. Food Catering Services

Your passion for cooking can be more than what you think. This small business idea can offer you good profits provided you have good taste and knows how to cook well. Many people need catering services on daily basis for functions such as marriage or birthday parties.

17. Ghostwriting Services

Never underrate good copywriting services. You can fit perfectly in this niche if you know how to write in a particular style. There are many copywriters online so join them. All you need is to focus on a specific segment. For instance, write for a company dealing with kids’ stuff.

18. Event Planning

Women are great when it comes to organizing that perfect party. You need to be that person who is ready to solve problems and cool down fires. Start by specializing in specific events such as parties, weddings, or even campaigners.

19. Cooking class

Women love to cook. You should, therefore, consider cooking as a business opportunity. Most housewives joined an online cooking course which makes them earn more money. Therefore start your very own channel or cooking blog like recipemarker.com and make good money.

20. Life Coaching

This business niche is becoming more popular. Become a dating coach if you know how to matchmaking. The key here is being punctual and reliable.

21. Photo Booth Services

Another great business idea is to offer photo booth rental services to the local community. People like to host parties like birthdays, graduation parties, weddings, and corporate events. Guests love taking pictures and what better way to celebrate the event than with photo booth pictures?


The list of small business ideas for women is quite comprehensive. There are plenty of women out there managing their own small but unique businesses. You can be your own boss if you like. It may not be that easy but it’s valuable. Consider the above list of ideas and you won’t regret it as a woman. Choose the only one which perfectly fits you and works on it. Remember, you only gain knowledge the moment you make and take decisive actions.

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