8 Best Small Business Ideas for Men

Looking for some Small Business Ideas for Men? If your ultimate goal in life is to make a lot of money and become a billionaire, chances are you will not achieve your dream as a small business owner.

However, being your own boss and making all important decisions can be a great ideal for many people, especially those who are getting bored at an office job. You will have more time and flexible schedules to earn money while still enjoy your life with friends and family.

With that in mind, here are some of our favorites…

Best Small business Ideas for Men

1. Bike rentals, service, and sales

Given the environmental and health benefits, it is no surprise that cycling has increasingly become one of the most popular outdoor activities in many countries. Indeed, more and more people choose to ride a bike to work rather than commute.

Anything that is environmentally-friendly, popular, healthy, and strongly supported by government is often a relatively good business investment. That’s why you should consider having your own start-up for renting, selling, or repairing bikes. If you love cycling and want to become a business owner, then this might be a perfect opportunity for you.

2. Gourmet coffee shop

Think a small and independent coffee shop which serves cappuccinos, lattes or espressos cannot compete with the giant Starbucks? Just think it again. As long as you know the know-how, it is not that difficult to open a new coffee shop that is full of customers. A few things that might decide the success of a coffeehouse, including:

– Be located in a convenient area for foot traffic, cycling, and vehicle
– Offer a pleasant and cozy atmosphere by creating familiar spaces such as an outdoor patio
– Serve high-quality drinks extract from specialty coffees, produced by highly trained baristas to ensure a consistent quality

Understanding these things and having a passion for coffee, you will definitely create a great gourmet coffee shop.

3. Food trucks

If you are a fan of fast foods and can cook tasty dishes, then consider having a small truck and drive around the city to sell them. There are a variety of options to choose for your vendor, from hot dogs, fries to burgers, which are favorite by millions of people all around the world. Just park your vehicle in front of a music concert, a basketball match, or a local event, you won’t ever need to worry about getting customers.

It is also a good idea to focus on a niche market to make your business different from other services on the market. For example, your truck will only sell nutritious and healthy foods with organic and sourced ingredients. Make sure to do comprehensive research to understand the market and customers before making the final decision.

4. Financial planner or advisor

As the entire economy is growing stable, the demands for financial planners and advisers are expected to rise at a considerable rate. Not many people are confident in their money and math skills when it comes to planning their personal finance for the future. More importantly, a huge number of baby boomers are going to retirement, and they want to hire someone that can help them in financial issues. So if you are working as an accountant, banker, or finance-related areas, consider opening your own consulting service to help them achieve financial goals. However, becoming a financial planner or adviser typically requires a college degree and further training in financial management, which is formally certified.

5. Software development and engineering

Software developers and engineers are in charge of creating, testing and maintaining software and applications on different platforms, from mobile devices to mainframes. With a good training program that you can find in many online platforms, you can get your first projects after a few years. The nature of this makes it great for contract employment. That’s why many software engineers often start their career salaried employees. But after a few years when they get adequate experience, they will eventually become self-employed developers or contractors. The development of cloud computing and the internet makes these job a perfect home-based business.

6. Life or business coach

Though coaching isn’t a hot job, it is still a growing industry. These days, everyone wants to have a personal coach to help them with losing weight, improving mentality, or even living better. If you have the right knowledge and skills in a specialized area, this might a perfect home-based business opportunity to grab because you can do it in person as well as remotely.

7. Home renovations

If you used to work in the building industry and want to make your clients’ home improvement dreams come true, then it is great to turn your passion into a business. In fact, it is a business which seems always do well under any circumstances. Most people find it really hard to find a reliable and reputable contractor, so if you have a stable client base in the first place, your chance of being successful is very high.

It is estimated that the average household in the United States spends around $3000 each year on the home renovation or improvement projects, thus creating a lot of job opportunities for tillers, roofers, drywallers, painters, carpenters, plumbers, and other tradesmen.

There are many reasons why this business idea is suitable for self-employed professionals:

  • Nearly all renovation projects are done on the contract basis
  • The startup investment for machinery and tools is usually much less than that for a new construction
  • You don’t need to have business premises because you will mainly work at the client location, which makes renovation a great home-based businesses

Small Business Ideas for Men

8. Mirror Photo Booth Rentals

A growing trend is posting photos on social media. A great way to monetize this is to offer photo services at parties, specifically selling photo booth rental services to your local community. People love to take pictures at weddings, birthdays, and corporate events and share them with their friends. Photo booths offer guests the ability to download their photos and share them via email, social media and even print them for keepsake.

Final thoughts

Keep in mind that you don’t have to acquire a college degree or years of experience to perform and succeed with these small business ideas for men. Instead, all you need is a good business plan, a small amount of capital, and other essential traits of a business such as perseverance, hard work, and dedication. Let’s give it a try, and you won’t ever regret your decision!

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