Best Podcast Equipment Starter Package (Video 3 of 3)

Best Podcast Equipment Starter Package (Video 3 of 3)

Hey guys are you looking to start a podcast, but not sure what equipment to buy? In this video, I share with you a great package that offers a USB microphone, headset, mic arm, and shock mount. It’s really easy to set up and will allow you to record with a high-quality sound without the need for a mixer.

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Podcast Equipment 3

Video Transcript:

Hey Guys Anthony Tran here from Marketing Access Pass. On behalf of BuzzSprout I’m excited to show you some equipment recommendations to help you start podcasting.

This is video 3 of a 3 part series so don’t forget to check out the other two videos to see what other equipment options are available to you.

Alright, I know you’re excited to see what we have in store for you… So let’s get started.

First, let’s talk about the headset.

This is the Audio Technica ATH-M30X which is a professional-level headphone from the popular M-Series.

What makes this headphone so great is its modern engineering and high-quality material that gives you an enhanced audio sound. The headphones visually look stunning. It’s got a really sleek design with a black matte finish. This is designed specifically for studio tracking and mixing so it’s perfect for podcast recording and editing.

These headphones are sturdy, but it is also flexible and has plenty of cushion for support. Audio Technica designed these headphones for comfort which allows you to wear them for hours without any problems.

What makes this different from the ATH-M20X headphone that I reviewed in video 1 is its ability to fold up and easily store away.

It comes with a nice carrying pouch which makes it a great headphone set to travel with.

Next, let’s talk about your microphone.

The microphone I have here is the RODE Podcaster microphone.   It’s designed specifically to give you that nice broadcast sound from a digital recording.

This Dynamic microphone naturally filters out background noise and isolates the speaker’s voice during recording. This is why this is perfect for podcasting and home studio recording.

The Rode Podcaster also features an internal pop-filter, which eliminates the need for you to purchase an external one.

This thing is built tough, but you shouldn’t be concerned about wear and tear because it comes with a 10 year extended warranty when you register with Rodemic.

It’s a high-end USB microphone which means you can plug it into your laptop or computer and record easily without a mixer.

This also has a headphone jack so you can listen to your audio levels directly from the microphone. There is also a headphone volume conveniently placed on the mic.

This microphone is also compatible with Windows or Mac and recording software programs like Audacity, Garage Band, Skype, and more.

So to give you an idea of the difference in sound.   Here is my voice recording using my built-in computer microphone

Here is a sample of me recording with the ATR2100 microphone which is definitely a level up from my computer mic.

Here is a sample of me speaking into the Rode Podcaster microphone and as you can hear it has a nice rich, deep sound.

The Rode Podcast Microphone is designed for the PSA 1 Studio Boom Arm which I reviewed in Video 2. So definitely check out that video to learn more about it’s capabilities.

Now the Rode Podcaster Microphone combines well with the PSM1 Shock Mount,

which attaches to the PSA 1 Studio Boom Arm.

This allows for perfect suspension and provides isolation from external vibration which can translate to low-frequency noise.

The Rode Podcaster mounts perfectly with the PSM1 and allows you to adjust it to your desired height and angle.

Alright, let’s review what you get in this package. You’ll get the Audio Technica ATH M30X headset, the PSA 1 Boom Arm, the PSM1 Shock Mount, and the Rode Podcaster Microphone.

So as you can see you can have professional quality audio sound for your podcast studio for a reasonable price. It’s really easy to use and was basically plug and play.

Alright, hope you enjoyed these videos of the podcast equipment series.

Don’t forget to check out to get some additional training and resources for your podcasting needs.


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