Best Podcast Equipment Starter Package (Video 2 of 3)

Best Podcast Equipment Starter Package (Video 2 of 3)

Do you want to have a professional-looking podcast studio setup without spending too much money? In this video, I share with you my podcast equipment recommendations to help you start podcasting.

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Video Transcript:

Hey Guys Anthony Tran here from the Marketing Access Pass. On behalf of BuzzSprout I’m excited to show you some equipment recommendations to help you start podcasting.

This is video 2 of a 3 part series where I share with you my equipment recommendations to start a podcast

In the first video, I shared with you how YOU can start a quality-sounding podcast for around $100.

As a quick review, the first package includes the basic equipment you will need to start a podcast. Which includes a quality Headset and microphone.

If you’re looking for the same quality and sound but want a professional mic arm then this package is for you.

Let’s talk about the Podcast microphone arm.

This is the PSA 1 studio boom arm for radio, broadcast, home use, and of course podcasting.

What makes this boom arm so great is its professional appearance and sturdy design. The arm has a sleek black matte finish with a spring recoil which allows you to adjust the height of the microphone easily.

The boom arm can attach to the edge of your desk with a clamp or can be fitted with a drill hole and mounted for a permanent hold.

The studio boom arm can also rotate a full 360 degrees and has adjustable knobs so that you can have the perfect angle for your microphone.

The arm also comes with Velcro straps to secure the microphone cable against the arm.

The arm combines well with the MY-420 Shock Mount. This shock mount helps stabilize the microphone from external vibration which can translate as low-frequency noise.

The ATR2100 fits perfectly with the MY-420 Shock Mount to give you a professional studio setup.

In this package, you also receive the ATR 2100 cardioid dynamic USB/XLR microphone. I go in-depth on why this is an amazing microphone for the price in video 1. So be sure to check it out to get the full review.

You’ll also get in this package the Audio Technica ATH M20X Headset. This is a high-quality professional headset that is highly durable and extremely comfortable for long recording sessions.

So as you can see you can have professional quality audio sound for your podcast studio for a reasonable price. It’s really easy to use and was basically plug and play.

Alright, hope you enjoyed this second video of the podcast equipment series.

Check out these other 2 videos to learn about the best podcast equipment package to meet your needs.

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Best Podcast Equipment Starter Package (Video 2 of 3)


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