On-Page SEO Linking Out – Why and How

On-Page SEO Linking Out – Why and How Video Transcript:

Okay so continuing with our on-page SEO training one of the things that you should really do is to link out to other websites. I’ll explain in this video. Okay so we’re continuing with our on-page SEO training and one of the things that Google wants to make sure that they really like that is you are a source of information where people can go to to not only learn about your products and services and your blog post but about other very relevant blog posts or pages throughout the web. So as you can see right here in blue I had linked out to podcastanswerman.com by Cliff Ravenscraft and if you click on that you can see it goes to his website.

And not only do I want to give him credit for this awesome training course but I also want to show Google that “Hey, what I talk about in this blog post is not only about my review of podcasting a to z” but I also want to let people know that if you want to learn more about the Podcaster Answerman you can click on a link on my page to learn more about his products and services. So Google wants to make sure that you are basically helping your readers find more information. So what I like tell people is, “Hey you know what don’t be afraid to link out to other people’s blog posts. Not only are they going to be very happy that you did because you gave them a backlink but also because you’re helping Google and your readers find great quality content.

So don’t be selfish, share your stuff and share other people’s blog posts. In order to do that I’m going to show you how to do that inside of your WordPress dashboard here and we’re inside and basically here it is, it’s “The Podcast Answer Man” and it’s in purple and basically if I wanted to link for example Cliff Ravenscraft, I would just highlight his name, I would click this ‘LINK’ button and I would type in the address. So I could type in ‘podcastanswerman.com’ and give it a title, click this ‘OPEN LINK IN A NEW WINDOW/TAB’ and click ‘ADD LINK’. So as you can see now this word, Cliff Ravenscraft, is once click ‘UPDATE’ and I go to my blog post I click this link it’s going to show up and land on Podcast Answerman. So that’s how you create links within your blog post it’s very simple. So make sure that you’re linking out to high quality relevant content websites and you’ll be rewarded on Google. I’ll see you guys on the next video.

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