Internal Link Building with SEO Smart Links

Internal Link Building with SEO Smart Links Video Transcript:

So one of the things that helps with on-page SEO is internal link building. I’m going to show you plugin that does this automatically for you. Let’s check it out! Okay access members, to kind of help you with some internal linking I’m going to share with you a plugin that I like to use called SEO Smart Links and to really demonstrate how this works I’m going to go to a website called and I’m going to go to the example ‘INSANITY SCHEDULE’ and you can see right here there are links that are auto generated, so ‘Insanity Workout Schedule’, ‘Dig Deeper and Insanity Fit Test’, ‘Plyometric Cardio Circuit’, etc.

These are all links that are autogenerated with a plugin that I use and these are basically links to pages within the same website and internal linking is very important because it can help your readers stay within your website and continue to read content and it helps with your search engine optimization. So, let’s just basically show you how to install this SEO Smart Links. You’ll want to go inside your dashboard and you’ll want to click on ‘PLUGINS’ and click ‘ADD NEW’ and then you’ll want to type in “seo smart links”. Okay so now when you get to SEO Smart Links and you search for it you’ll want to make sure that you pick the correct one. There’s one about SEO Smart Links + and SEO Smart Links and the one you want to select is by Vladmir Prelovac, it’s the second one, version 2.78.

There may be a newer version by the time you update this make sure you pick this one. We’re going to go ahead and click ‘INSTALL NOW’, click ‘OK’ and then click ‘ACTIVATE’. Okay so that’s all you have to do with SEO Smart Links. It basically will read your blog post titles or page titles and any time that keyword shows up it’s going to basically link to it. So for example, I have a page called “Insanity Nutrition Guide” and it’s simply titled “Insanity Nutrition Guide”. Now every single time that this word shows up in a blog post or blog page it’s going to automatically link to this. So whatever page you want to autolink just create a certain title, so for example, this Insanity Workout Program, this is the name of the title of the blog post I created, Insanity Workout Program. And as you can see it auto generated same thing Insanity Workout Review. SEO Smart Links really makes your internal linking an easier process so check it out.

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