How to Use Market Samurai to Analyze Your Competition

How to Use Market Samurai to Analyze Your Competition Video Transcript:

Hi Access Member! In our last video I showed you how to do some keyword research with Google’s keyword planner. In this video I’m going to show you how use Market Samurai to really analyze your competition. Let’s check it out!

To get Market Samurai I’ve provided an affiliate link below this video where you can download a free trial of Market Samurai to really test it out and see if you enjoy using this tool. One of the cool things about this tool it’s only a one time purchase and it’s not a monthly subscription. I highly suggest you try it out and see if it’s something you enjoy using. So here we are in Market Samurai and basically you would just create a new project and I typed in here ‘insanity workout’. Right? That’s my project and I’m going to create a new keyword and on the left hand side there’s a menu, I’m going to click on that and I’m going to type in ‘insanity workout schedule’ and I’m going to click update. Now one of the cool things about Market Samurai is it gives you the ability to analyze your competition.

So basically, I get to really understand who my competition is on the top ten results on Google and determine if they’re someone I want to compete against and see if its something I can rank this keyword for. Okay, so here we are inside the SEO competition tool. I’m just going to give you a quick tip. The colored greens means that it’s very easy to rank for. Yellow means there’s a medium sized competition in reference to some of this data, and pink or red means that its very difficult, so a lot of competition in this specific detail. To prove to you, these top ten websites are the exact websites that are related to your Google search. I’m going to go ahead open up Google really quick. So now when I type in the ‘insanity workout schedule’ these ten results should be the exact ones right here. So the first one is ‘’ and I don’t know if you can see it it’s actually the number one ranked on this Market Samurai. #2 is ‘’ and yes that is the #2 result and then ‘’.

You can see that there’s a direct correlation between Google and the Market Samurai SEO competition analysis. Okay so I just wanted to prove that point to you really quick. Okay so the other thing that I want to share with you that makes this tool soo cool! Is that you can see how many backlinks these specific website pages have that’s related to this keyword. So for example this very first one I’m going to click this down arrow and I’m going to click on ‘ANCHOR TEXT ANALYSIS’. So one of the cool things they provide you the anchor texts. And the anchor text is basically the word links that are coming from other websites that are coming back into this particular webpage that’s ranked #1. So for example, he has ‘insanity workoutschedule / shaun t insanity’ bla bla bla he has it total 2 backlinks with this specific hyperlink and on the right hand side it will actually show you the website that’s giving them those backlinks. So what this does is it really tells you, “hey if you get more backlinks than this particular page with these specific words and you can even connect with these other website ownersand see if you can get a backlink for them. You would already be beating them in this Google race per se. So some of the other really cool data that you can find on this is the first column ‘DA’ stands for Domain Age.

So that’s another Google ranking factor which is how old is this domain? Now the very first one means that it’s 3 years old. There’s one that is only 1 year old and there’s another one that’s 1 year old. So this tells me that the top 3 domains are not even that old of a website. If I came across something that had a lot of older websites that may be something that I would consider as a factor that do I want to really compete with these people. The other thing is page rank. Now Google has the ability to give you page ranks from zero to 10. Now this is very promising because one website #2 has a page rank of zero and there’s also other pages that are also page ranked zero. So that also gives me another green light that says this is a good keyword I could go for. Lastly, I really kind of go all the way to the right hand side and this basically says ‘TITLE, ‘URL’, ‘DESC’, and ‘HEADER’. These are all things I can control on my blog post for on-page optimization so basically to me this is an easier keyword to rank because there’s not a lot of red on this side. That means that these pages that are being ranked a lot of them are not even optimized on-page.

So that’s something I can control and I can make better which would result in better rankings. So to tell you ‘‘ is currently ranked 8th on this page which is the one I built and as you can see I highly optimized the on-page so it’s ‘Yes’, ‘Yes’, ‘Yes’ all across the board on the right hand side and my page rank was low at 1. My domain age was 1 and I was able to get on the front page of Google. At one point this keyword, this page was actually ranked I believe 3 or 2 on this page but because I haven’t done any backlinks for it in over a couple months, it’s kind of dropped in rankings. But you can see it’s still on the front page of Google.

Okay so another really cool tool with Market Samurai is the ability to track your rankings. So what I did was I basically typed in the keyword that I was tracking along with the URL and this Market Samurai would tell me where my Google position was on a weekly basis. So right now on the ‘insanity workout schedule’ says it’s position #10 and it basically improved by 2 rankings. I have a keyword that’s ‘insanity nutrition guide’ that’s currently ranked at #4 and you can also see how many backlinks that it has as well. So, 6, 8, 5, etc. So that’s a really cool thing to have. Instead of trying to guess where your website is this report will send you an email and tell you where you are on your page ranks on a weekly basis. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial on how you use Market Samurai to do SEO competition and to track my rankings of my keywords. I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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