How to Submit Your Website and Get Indexed by Google

How to Submit Your Website and Get Indexed by Google Video Transcript:

Okay so to continue to move on with our Google training I want to show you how to submit your website using a plugin called Google XML Sitemaps to the Google webmaster tool. Before you get all Googled out let me explain what this means. Basically, you’re going to basically go to Google and say hey I have all of these pages, all of this content on my website and here you go, go ahead and index it. That’s basically what you’re saying. The first tool you’ll want to use is ‘Google XML Sitemaps’ and you can find it by searching that and it should be the first plugin that shows up. So from here you can download this version. As you can see it’s been downloaded or at least been rated over three thousand times and they constantly update it so that’s why this plugin is so favored in comparison to the other ones.

The other way you can find this plugin is you can go to your dashboard. Then you can go to ‘PLUGINS’ and ‘ADD NEW’ then you’ll want to search for “google xml sitemaps”. Now I want to make sure that you understand the very first one “Google XML Sitemap” with no ‘S’ is NOT the one we want. We want the ‘GOOGLE XML SITEMAPS’ version at this time of the video 3.4. This one has been updated a lot and it’s very reliable I’ve used it in the past so we want to use this one. You’ll want to click ‘INSTALL NOW’, click ‘OK’, and then click ‘ACTIVATE PLUGIN’. Okay so now that you have the Google XML Sitemaps installed you’ll want to go to your settings on the lefthand side and you’ll want to scroll all the way down to ‘XML SITEMAPS’, click on that.

Now it says right here “The sitemap wasn’t generated yet, so click here to build it the first time”. We’re going to go ahead and click here. Okay so now when you scroll down you’re probably wondering where is the address of this sitemap? So it says location of your sitemap file. It is detected at this address slash sitemap dot xml. So we’re going to go ahead and click on that. And this is what a sitemap looks like. Okay so now you’re all set, basically you’re xml sitemap has been built and I want to read you something that it says right here. The checkbox says “Notify Google about updateds of your Blog. No registration required but you can join the Google Webmaster Tools to check your crawling statistics”. So it’s already been notified to Google. You don’t have to do anything at this point and it also notifies Bing, and it also notifies Yahoo. So you’re all set. Now you’ve learned how to submit your website to get indexed by Google. We’re going to go ahead and move on to the next video.

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