How to Setup the Akismet Spam Filter Plugin for your WordPress Blog

How to Setup the Akismet Spam Filter Plugin for your WordPress Blog Video Transcript:

Okay so in this video I’m going to show you how to setup a plugin called Akismet which basically reduces the spam comments that you get your blog post. So let’s go ahead and set that up. Okay so in order to get started with getting your Akismet account setup you need to get an API key and we’re going to do that here at

So you’re going to go ahead and click this blue button right here in the middle and it’s going to ask you to sign up. So you just put in an email address, username and password and then once you do that go ahead and click ‘SIGN UP’. Okay so once you’ve signed in you’re basically going to receive a screen that looks something like this.

Now Akismet is asking you for either if you want to use personal blog or if its a single site access for $5 a month or an enterprise. So, it’s really up to you. You can actually start with a personal one and you can either give them a donation or not so they’re asking “What is Akismet worth to you?” you can say well I’m willing to pay this much per yer or you just say, “Hey you know what I don’t like to contribute anything, I’m not going to give you anything zero dollars.” So it’s really up to you.

For the simple sake of the training module I’m just going to show you how to do that and just basically add your name right here and click ‘CONTINUE’ and then you’re all set. They are going to basically give you an API key right here, you’ll want to go ahead and copy this code and we’re going to go inside into our WordPress dashboard and get that installed. Okay so we’re back inside of WordPress we just need to go to our Akismet plugin.

We’re going to go to ‘Plugins’ and click on that. And we’re going to go ‘Akismet’ which is already installed so you just need to activate it. And then click settings. And it says, “Do you want to create a new Aksimet Key?”. You could do that here. Since we already have one we’re just going to say “I already have a key’ and then just simply paste it here and click ‘SAVE CHANGES’. So as you can see everything works good all servers are available all network status is ‘Accessible’.

It’s all green, green, green and you can basically select if you want to ‘Auto-delete spam submitted on posts more than a month old’ or if you want to manually delete them. I’m personally going to click this because if it’s spam I don’t even care about it. Okay now you’re all set, now the Akismet plugin is all set up, it’s going to protect you from spam messages and you don’t have to worry about that. Alright, so I’ll talk to you guys in the next video.

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