How to Setup a HostGator Email Account

Setting up a Hostgator Email Account Video Transcript:

In this short video tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a custom email address for your online business. Alright, let’s get started. Okay so in order to create a custom email address you’ll want to go into your Hostgator control panel and you’ll want to go down to the section of mail and you’re going to click on ‘Email Accounts’. Alright, next you’re going to see a screen like this. We’re going to go ahead and close this tutorial box. Basically as you can see right I have my index of What’s great about this is instead of having an email account like an or, this is a lot more professional because it’s related to your business. So in this case you can just type in any kind of front so you could type in like but in this case it’s going to sound funny so I’m going to put

Then you’re going to create a password and you’re going to go ahead and go to the mailbox quota. I’m going to click unlimited. I’m also going to click ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’. So there you go! Now I have a custom made email address just for my business. It’s Now you’re going to see down here that the account is created as unlimited and if you ever want to change the password you could and if you ever want to change the quota you could do that as well. You’ll want to go ahead and click on ‘MORE’ and you’re going to click on ‘ACCESS WEBMAIL’.

Once you click on that you’re going to see screen that looks like this. Now Hostgator provides you three different options as far as an email platform. You could try these, they are all basically email providers with the same email address and you just choose one that you prefer. I personally recommend RoundCube I think it’s an easy format to use so we’re going to go head and click on that. Okay so now you’re inside your email address. Basically it just works like any email account system. You can compose and draft an email and they will also have your inbox and junk and you can create folders as well.

Now if you want to access this email account in the future I’m going to go ahead and show you how to do that. Basically, if you ever log out, you’ll want to basically bookmark this address. So that way anytime you need to come back you can just click and you’ll get into a screen that looks just like this and you’ll log in with your normal control panel username and password and you’ll be able to access your email. Just in case you happen to lose this address I’ll show you how to get back to this area. So if you ever need to get back to your webmail address and you forgot the login screen, you’ll just basically go back to your control panel and you’ll go down to the mail section and there’s an icon that says ‘Webmail’.

You’ll want to go ahead and click on that. Once you go they’re going to ask you to click on this button and it’s going to bring you back to the log-in screen. And you can go ahead and select your web address again which is RoundCube, SquirrelMail, or Horde. So it’s up to you. Alright so there you go, there’s your tutorial on setting up a custom online business email address.

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