How to Install a Premium Genesis StudioPress Theme in WordPress

How to Install a Premium Genesis StudioPress Theme in WordPress Video Transcript:

Alright so you just purchased the StudioPress theme. In this video, I’m going to show you how to install it. Alright let’s check it out. Okay so in the last video I showed you some free WordPress themes that are available. However there are also some premium WordPress themes that a lot of companies make that cost a little bit of money but they look really great. One of the ones that I like to recommend is called StudioPress. StudioPress is just awesome. I’ve used them for many years. I’ve purchased so many themes. The reason why I like them is there themes are responsive in design, I’ll show you what that means. They’re HTML 5 formatted, they’re search engine friendly, their customer support is top notch and you can just really tell by the quality of their themes. So if you click on ‘SHOP FOR THEMES’ on the top, you can see they have a variety of themes to choose from.

They’re all very professional, very polished. What’s great about Genesis StudioPress themes is there’s a lot of WordPress designers and developers that are very familiar with it. They know how to customize it even further if you’re wanting to go the professional route and pay someone to design it a little bit further for you. These themes are constantly being updated and refined and polished to keep them looking new. It’s really a great way. Once you buy one theme the updated are free, the support is always available and you only have to buy the Genesis framework once. And then the child themes are only at a small price. What I mean by that is, let’s say for example we pick this News Pro Theme. It shows you the pricing, it says “Buy Theme + Framework” so I want to basically explain something.

You’re buying two things for this price of $99.95, you’re buying the Genesis framework and the Genesis framework is basically think of it like a car. So the internal frame the engine, the steering wheel, all the internal framework is there and then the theme is kind of like your outer body or your shell of your car. So, the outside, the doors, the glass, all the exterior that makes it look really cool. So, you keep the framework and you buy it once because you keep that the same and then you just swap out the exterior and so you can always buy new themes for I think like $25 – $30 bucks, just in case you, you know…decide to change your themes up and you don’t always have to pay this premium price all the time.

Okay so for our example I’m going to use the Magazine Pro Theme. So you’re going to click on that. This is the one I’m going to purchase and customize. So that way you can kind of keep up with me and see what we’re doing. Okay so now we’re in our StudioPress downloads members area. After you’ve just purchased StudioPress you’re going to go ahead and go to this area to download your theme. And as you can see I’ve purchased many StudioPress themes. They’re just so awesome and I constantly like to change it out because I get bored of them sometimes and I want to try and change it up. You’re going to go ahead and click on ‘MAGAZINE PRO’ and this blue button you can basically click or download.

So you’re going to save the file. Okay so now that you have the file saved you’re going to go back to your dashboard to install it. Okay so now that we’re back in our WordPress dashboard this is how you install the Genesis and StudioPress theme. You’ll want to go to ‘APPEARANCE’ and click on ‘THEMES’. Then you’ll want to click ‘ADD NEW’. So it is very very very important that you install the Genesis framework first before you install the Magazine Pro theme. So once I’ve found the Genesis I’m going to go ahead and find that file and I’m going to click ‘INSTALL NOW’ and I’m going to click ‘ACTIVATE’.

So now I have the Genesis framework installed now I need to install my child theme, which is the Magazine Pro Theme. So I’m going to click ‘ADD NEW’ and then I’m going to find my Magazine Pro theme zip file. So I’m going to go ahead and click ‘BROWSE’ and here it is. I’m going to go ahead and click on that and ‘INSTALL NOW’. Now that it’s installed you click ‘ACTIVATE’ and there you go. Now we have the Genesis framework installed. Okay so there you go, let’s go ahead and take a look at our new site and see what it looks like. So here’s what our basic Genesis StudioPress framework looks like on your website. I know what you’re thinking it doesn’t look like very much right now but trust me by the end of this tutorial you’re going to have a fully developed website.


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