How to Create and Edit a Blog Post in WordPress

How to Create and Edit a Blog Post in WordPress Video Transcript:

Okay so in this video I’m going to show you how to create and edit your first blog post. Alright let’s get started. Okay so now that we have our basic framework of our website we need to start adding some content. So let’s go ahead and show you how to do that. One of the first things you’ll want to do is you’ll want to create a blog post. So you’re going to go into your dashboard and on the left hand side there’s a menu for post. You’ll want to click ‘ADD NEW’. Once you get to this screen you’ll want to basically start adding some content. You can create a post title and start typing away.

I’m going to go ahead and do some work and I’ll see you guys in a little bit. Okay so now that we’re back and I just finished typing up a quick blog post. I’m going to give it a title. So in this case I’m just going to share, my blog post is about my 99 Designs experience. So I’m going to type in here, ’99 Designs review how I created my logo’. So now that I’ve created my title, it’s time to really jazz up our content, so right now it looks very basic, so one of the cool things about adding this ‘Ultimate Tiny MCE’ plug-in is it gives you a lot of options to edit your content. I’m going to go through some of this.

This one i want to basically bold this, so I can click the bold button and maybe I want to italicize. The next thing you could do is when you’re creating your content you’ll really want to really break it up so that way people can browse through it quickly. So that way one of the best things to do is give it a header or you know a sub paragraph and one of the ways to do that is you can highlight let’s say like a little mini title.

You can go to the paragraph button right here and you can select Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3. I like to do heading 2 and that way you can see it give is a bigger font it’s bolder, it really sticks out. So it really kind of segments this content. Another thing you could do is whenever you’re creating content you can do bullets. So in this case I’ve already numbered some of this of content so I can bold number 1, bold number 2 because I’m creating these different points in my content I really want people kind of stand out and see the difference in what I’m talking about. So I’ve created a list of requirements that I have right here.

So I’m just going to separate this by bolding the numbers. I’m going to go ahead and do that. I’ve also segmented this other section so I’m going to go ahead and highlight this and change it to heading 2 you can see that. I also created another title right here. I’m going to change that to heading 2. And let’s say I have something like this and I want to have different packages, and I want to give it like a bullet like a little dot. I’m going to highlight that and click this bullet button.

So now you can see it, it segments it with a little dot. Its just a great way to section things off I’m going to go ahead and keep doing this so that way it looks really organized. And then the last one, the platinum package, I’m going to go ahead and highlight that and give it a bullet. There you go! So as you can see the content now is so much better. Some other things you can do with this is let’s say you want to highlight a certain part of your thing. I’m just going to highlight this sentence here. You can change it using this little AB highlighter button. I’m going to click the highlighter color. I’m going to highlight with yellow. I’m going to click apply. So now you can see I’ve highlighted this it that really stands out and I just want to bring it to my reader’s attention that that’s something they really want to look at.

Let’s say I wanted to create a link so I’m going to ahead and highlight this 99 Designs and I’m going to link back to their website. So I’m going to click this little link button and I’m going to type in here the address “”, “99 Designs” for the title, and I want it to open in a new page, I’m going to go ahead and click that and click add links. So now I have a new link right here. So, now that we did all this work let’s go ahead and save this draft real quick and we’re going to preview it to show you what we’ve done so far. Okay let’s go ahead and preview it. So there you go, here’s the blog content.

As you can see the highlighted the title, we bold italicized things, created a little header with the H2 content, we also segmented some of these bullet points or these numbered lists with bolding it. We’ve also bulleted some of these other packages. So you could see there’s a really cool way to really spice up your content by really editing it before we publish it. Okay so now that we’ve kind of seen what we’ve edit we have to add a couple of things. As I showed you in the previous video we want to make sure that we always add a category to our post. So that way we know people can navigate and they can find the content that’s related in that subject.

In this case I’m going to call it ‘Website Design’. I’m going to go ahead and delete this and type in ‘Website Design’ and I’m going to add this category. And then my tag I want to tag it with a couple of things. I want to tag it with ‘WordPress‘ and you can separate it with a comma. I’m going tag it with ’99 Design’ how about that. Click ‘ADD’. So now that we have a category and a tag in separate sections we want to go ahead and save this draft. So in the next video I’m going to show you how to add a picture and images to your website. See you in the next video. 🙂

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