How to Create An Opt-In Form on Your Blog Post to Build Your Email List (Email Marketing Series 1 of 7)

How to Create An Opt-In Form on Your Blog Post to Build Your Email List (Email Marketing Series 1 of 7) Video Transcript:

A great place to put a an opt-in form is below your blog post where people have just read your blog article and they want more information. So I’m going to show you how you can create an opt-in form using Optin Skin in this video. Let’s check it out.

In order to create an opt-in box like this at the end of your blog post or maybe something like this, you can use a plugin called Optin Skin which I highly recommend. I’ve used it before and it’s really awesome. Let’s go ahead and just check it out. Basically, it’s a plugin that you pay once and you can install into as many websites as you want and they have various templates that you can customize. It can integrate with AWeber, MailChimp, Infusion Soft, etc. and literally within a few minutes you can create an opt-in box. You can peruse through this sales letter and I’ll have an affiliate link if you’d like to use it, below this video. But I’m going to show you what Optin Skin is and basically how it works. So in order to install Optin Skin after you purchase it, they’re going to give you a download so you can download the zip file. So I already have it and I’m going to show you how we’re going to do that. So obviously you’re going to go to ‘PLUGINS’ click ‘ADD NEW’ and we’re going to upload our Optin Skin.

Next, we’re going to go to ‘BROWSE’. Okay once we have our zip file we’re going to ‘INSTALL NOW’ and then we’re going to ‘ACTIVATE PLUGIN’. Once you activate the plugin, it should be on your list and you can basically go to the left handside. There’s going to be a new sub menu right here, ‘OPTINSKIN’, go ahead and click on that. It’s going to ask you to validate your plugin. Now, we just basically need to go into the email that was sent to you and go ahead and log into the members area and you can get your license key. If you need to go back to your members area, you can always go back to and click on ‘MEMBERS’. Here you can basically use your username and password and log in so we can get our key.

Alright so your license key should be somewhere right here, so I’m going to go ahead and highlight this and then I’m going to paste it onto my plugin. Alright so now that we have the license key we’re going to go ahead and paste it and then verify our plugin. Alright, so it’s all good, it’s says “thank you for validating this product” Go and ‘CLICK HERE TO BEGIN CREATING’. Okay so when you first start off you need to add some designs into your basically palette. So we’re going to go click more designs and then we’re going to go on the right hand side we’re just going to click and add these forms so that way it gets added to our library. As you can see there’s so many various ones you can create sidebar opt-in forms, below the post opt-ins, and they have so many different designs that you choose from. You can customize the colors, the wording, it’s a really cool plugin.

Okay now that we’ve added all the designs we’re going to go back and add new. Okay so if you want to basically pick a different design you can always choose this arrow right here and I’m looking for a form that’s going to fit nice below my email. So, let’s see here…this one looks pretty cool, this one is awesome too it has the little cover right here. Ah! This is beautiful, I think I’m going to choose this one. This will fit perfectly with my little e-cover that had created before. Once you find the one you like you can basically change so many different things. You can change the font style, the color, the sub texts, you can change the ribbon color…i want it to be red, green, or black, whatever the case. I’m going to leave mine blue and you’re going to go ahead and type in some of your title texts. your subtitle, you can change the font size, you can even change the wording of your call to action.

So let’s say your button texts says ‘INSTANT ACCESS’ let’s say you want to change it to “DOWNLOAD NOW” and enter your name and email. Right here it says you can change the different placement options, you can leave it at the bottom of your post, you can have it below first paragraph. Let’s say you want to have it at the very top of your post, you can even create as a pop-up and you can set the settings where after people scroll down certain amount on your website you can have it automatically pop-up. These are really cool ways that you can really customize where you want your pop-up form. You can also change the spacing, so let’s say right here, if you want to have some spacing around your pop-up form, and one of the best things I love about it is you can do split testing.

This is very important because you want to be able to always constantly test to see what’s working. The other thing that I had mentioned before is you can integrate it with like I said, AWeber, MailChimp, iContact, Infusion Soft, whatever you decide, you basically will put in your html format and they already make it easy for you. If you have AWeber or Infusion Soft you’re just going to paste the code into whatever your corresponding auto responder series is. Alright, so once you’re all done, and you’ve set the settings you like, go ahead and ‘CREATE SKIN’. Alright so let’s go into our blog post and see what that looks like. So we’re going to scroll all the way down, and there you go! Looks great! After the content is all done. I put mine at the bottom of my post, there’s some social share buttons above it so they can share and then click their name and email and click the download report and they’ll get whatever lead magnet that you are offering. So there you go, that’s a great way to use Optin Skin to get some email subscribers while giving your valuable content on your blog post. Alright, I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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