How to Create an Opt-In Form on a 404 Error Page (Email Marketing Series 6 of 7)

How to Create an Opt-In Form on a 404 Error Page (Email Marketing Series 6 of 7))

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Okay so another great place to put an opt-in form is on a 404 Error Page. I’m going to show you how to easily create one using LeadPages, let’s check it out.

Okay so another place where you can grab people’s email address is using what we call a 404 Page. And basically what I mean by 404 page is let’s say somebody goes to type in something or there’s a bad link on your website. So I’m putting in here “” and when I click enter this is what’s normally presented. It’s not found, there’s an error 404, this page you’re looking for no longer exists, perhaps you want to go back to the homepage. Well sometimes people would get discouraged if they don’t get to the content that they’re looking for but what if you could give them something of value that way if they decide to leave they can at least grab something and subscribe to your email address. Here’s an example of a 404 page that was created using LeadPages.

As you can see right here it says 404 unfortunately the information that you’re looking for is unavailable but wait don’t leave empty handed, get instant access to whatever your product or services that you want to provide to them. So when they click right here, now you can put your name and email and they can subscribe to whatever your offer is. So I’m going to show you how to do that really easily using LeadPages. Alright, so here we are on LeadPages and I have an affiliate link below this video if you would like to use it I would really appreciate it, but basically LeadPages, I use it for everything, thank you pages, 404 pages, landing pages, sales pages, you name it! They could do so much with this and I want to show you how easy it is. Basically I’m going to go ahead and log into my account.

Okay so once you’re inside, LeadPages has various templates and the one we want to go to is we want to go to the 404 page, I’m going to go to ‘OTHER’ and I’m going to scroll down till it says ‘Not found on 404 Page’ ‘USE THIS TEMPLATE’ I’m going to click on that and it says ‘YES! Count me IN’. Now you can see they have a template that’s already pre-created. There’s so many ways you can customize this so I’m going to go ahead and click on this image and I’m going to put my logo right here. Alright, so it looks good I like this little image 404. This looks good I’m going to leave all of this the same and I can basically change my e-book or video whatever I wanted to offer. So I’m going to go ahead and say free video. So I’m just going to change this text real quick to video, click ‘OK’, then I’m going to change this image to a video and that looks okay.

Let’s see here so I can change the text right here. Okay cool, so now that looks good, I’m going to go ahead and click ‘OK’ and you can change the format of your button. I need to change this to my video format. That looks cool, I can go ahead and change my form as well. Okay so looks all good, we’re going to click ‘OK’ and you know there’s a couple of the things that you can set left hand side. You can adjust your SEO settings, you can add your opt-in form which is probably your AWeber account, you can customize your different links or your privacy message. But once everything looks good you could close this out and click. Basically we’re going to change the name to 404 Sample Page and we’re going to click ‘SAVE’.

Alright now we go ahead and publish it and if you haven’t done so already you would just go to your WordPress download this plugin, install it, and then you should see something like this. You should see a LeadPages connector on your plugins menu and on the left hand side of your dashboard will be a LeadPages menu as well. So we’re going to go ahead and click on this and we’re going to click ‘ADD NEW’. Okay so now we’re going to set our 404 page on our website. In order to do so we’re just going to click on this ‘404 PAGE’ and we’re going to select the LeadPage that we just created so this 404 Sample Page and click ‘PUBLISH’.

Okay to show you that it worked we’re back on our website and we basically would type in a sample gibberish and click ‘ENTER’. Okay so here we are, this is our 404 page that we just created in LeadPages. As you can see when we click this link, they can subscribe and opt-in into your email and get their free offer. Alright, so I hope you guys enjoyed this video on how to create an opt-in form on a 404 error page, I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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