How to Create a Sidebar Opt-in Form (Email Marketing Series 2 of 7)

How to Create a Sidebar Opt-in Form (Email Marketing Series 2 of 7)

Video Transcript:

Alright so in this video I’m going to show you how to create a sidebar opt-in form using Optin Skin. Alright, let’s check it out. So in our last video I showed you how to add a below the post using Optin Skin, this video I’m going to show you how to create one for your sidebar, so let’s go ahead and check it out. Okay so here we are back in Optin Skin and you want to add a new skin so we’re going to click ‘ADD NEW’, alright so this one looks like a below the blog post, so we’re looking for something small like this, or something like this could work as well. Okay so this one looks like a pretty simple one. I’m just going to play around with this a little bit we can change the color. It’s a grading effect so it’s going to basically change from dark to bottom and fade up, so I kind of like something like this, very simply, get my free e-book.

I can change the way it looks. Okay so I’m just trying to keep things simple and I just said, “Get your free SEO Guide, SEO Training in 5 easy steps, add your name and email address, sign now”. So it’s just really a way for people to find your content real quick and opt-in or at least be a visual reminder that hey you have this to offer. Once again you’re going to choose which service provider for auto-responder that you have. You can basically integrate your AWeber account and you can also change where you want these placements to be opt, we already have one at the bottom of our post and we don’t want in our paragraph we want it on the sidebar so the one you want to click on is “IN A CUSTOM LOCATION SUCH AS THE SIDEBAR USING A WIDGET” so we’re going to go ahead and click on this one and basically we’re going to ‘CREATE THIS SKIN’.

Alright perfect, so now we’re going to go to our ‘Widgets’ area and get that installed to our sidebar, so we’re going to go ‘APPEARANCE’ and we’re going to go to ‘WIDGETS’. Okay so here we are to manage our sidebar, we’re going to go ahead and click this down arrow on our ‘Primary Sidebar’ and we have the option to select ‘OPTINSKIN’. So we’re going to go ahead and drag this in to our primary sidebar and click ‘SAVE’. Oh and they say you can choose which skin to display so I’m going to choose the other one that I forgot to title but I know it’s this one and if we want to split test we can also click this arrow button and it will switch between the two. You can always do split testing and click ‘SAVE’.

Ok we’re going to go ahead and refresh our website and see what it looks like. Alright cool! So there you go! We have an opt-in box right here on the right hand side and obviously you can change where you want this to be, if you say you don’t want it at the very top I go to my widgets area and I can basically move these things in what order that I want it to flow. So I’m just going to go ahead and move it around. Go ahead and refresh it. So there you go, I have my opt-in sidebar right here and using Optin Skin. Obviously, you can customize it a little bit more if you don’t like the look and format the one that I’ve shown you but for the sake of time here we go. Quick, easy solution for a sidebar opt-in box. Alright! I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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