How to Create a 3D Cover For Your E-Book (Email Marketing Series 4 of 7)

How to Create a 3D Cover For Your E-Book (Email Marketing Series 4 of 7)

Video Transcript:

Okay access member in this video I’m going to show you how to create an e-book 3D cover. You know the ones that you see on the websites all the time? Well I’m going to show you exactly how to do it and guess what, it’s all less than $5! Let’s check it out. Okay so in order to continue with your lead magnet you need to create a 3D cover image. For example, I have this e-book right here. There’s also this dvd cover. So these look really cool and I’m going to show you how to get that done for as little as $5. So we’re going to go over to and we’re basically type in the search box “3D cover image” and you are going to get a mass amount of variety of services that create this for you for only $5.

So just to kind of go through some of these as an example, I’m going to go ahead and click on this one and you can see this guys is going to be able to turn your flat e-book cover design and turn it into a 3D design. This looks pretty cool, there’s various ways, they almost look like real books right here. They can look like paperback, they can even create them where they look like they’re on a bookshelf in real life, so that’s kinda neat. Here we have one with like a cast shadow, here’s another one. So let’s go ahead and see some of the other varieties that they have. Alright, here’s another example, so as you can see if you pick this order you have a different variety of options you can choose from. You can choose from this design, one that has a book with stacking, one where the book is lying down, and I’ll show you some various options..and honestly this is probably one of the easiest ways to get this design.

You can hire a professional designer but there’s no other place you can get it for this kind of price. You can see there’s a lot of different options here. Okay here’s another website that I really like to use, it’s called and basically you can create e-covers yourself for as little as $5 per design or you can subscribe and get for only $15 you can make as many as you need so this is really cool. I actually created an account so if you want to sign up you can just sign up here in the right hand box. I’m going to go ahead and log into mine and show you what I have. So as you can see, I have a variety of things that I can create. I created some banners, I made a little laptop picture, I made a dvd cover, dvd disk, membership cards, computer things. So one of the things that I like about this e-covers is you can also bundle these packages. So for example, so as you can see I created three different 3D covers. So I made one with the ipad, one with an iphone, and one with a desktop, and once you do that you can merge all these graphics together and create your own bundle package per se and as you can see this how I did mine. You can make these bigger or smaller and it’s really cool. So I’m going to show you how easy this can be.

So let’s start from the beginning. You’re going to ‘CREATE E-COVER‘ on the top. Alright, so here we are, we can basically pick a design that we want so I’m actually going to pick maybe like a skinny report. How about something like…how about this one. So after you pick your design of what format you want, you can also have a custom cover. You can use the ones that the sytem defaults, for example let’s say I click on this color and I say ok this looks good. On the top right it kind of gives you a preview of what this image is going to look like. So if you didn’t like how this lighting is, you can always change the dimensions. As you can see, on the right hand side it changes as I scroll up or down. So I’m going to go ahead and click ‘SELECT and CONTINUE’. So now have this cover and we want to be able to add some graphics to it.

Let’s say you need to add some text, I’m just going click the ‘INSERT TEXT’ and from here you can just type whatever you want so I’m just going to put in here “SEO SECRETS” just to make easy and we can change the color of what we want our graphic to be. As you can see you can use this color decision maker. Let’s see against the orange…how about green. That will kind of stand out against orange and then we can basically change the size. We can change the alignment and we can change the font style. So I’m just going to pick one here, I’m going to pick Bandit and then we can change the effect. So there are various types of font styles that you can choose from. So I’m going to go ahead and pick this one. Then once we do that we click ‘SUBMIT’. Okay so now you have the font I’m going to go ahead and add some images so you can click ‘INSERT IMAGES’ and you can basically choose from some graphics that they already have installed or you can upload your own. So I’m just going to go ahead and go to my ‘UPLOADS’ and then I’m just going to choose this laptop here.

Alright looks good, I’m just going to insert another image for branding sake, my logo. Alright good enough, so this is what it looks like and basically I’m going to click ‘FINALIZE’. Okay, there we go this is awesome. We have my e-cover created, it’s a little spiral report book here and we got my cover and it looks great. So we can actually change the background color if we wanted to. Let’s say you know you wanted to have a different background you could do that and then basically when you download it will be this entire square. Let’s say you go well you know I don’t want this background I just want it to be clear and transparent you can actually click on this ‘TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND’ button and now you can download it with a transparent background so when you paste it onto your website it will just be on top of whatever background you have on your website. So I can go ahead and download this and you can basically insert it into your website. That’s pretty much it, that’s how easy it is to create different e-covers with a tool called or like I said you could buy one at Alright, hope you guys enjoyed this video, I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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